‘Rob Ellis Rib Mountain Challenge’ at Southern Eleven

Capital FM’s Breakfast team face the ‘Rob Ellis Rib Mountain Challenge’ at Southern Eleven.

By Manchester's Finest | 25 April 2014

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It takes a lot to silence the Capital FM Breakfast Show team but Manchester’s Southern Eleven managed to do it last night as they set them a mammoth food challenge!

Photo credit Adam Pester

Photo credit Adam Pester

The barbeque eaterie based in the heart of Spinningfields invited down presenters Rob Ellis, Nigel ‘Wingman’ Clucas, Adam Brown and Breakfast Producer James Wilson (aka Gorgeous) to face a special version of their ‘Man’chester Vs Food challenges – the Rob Ellis Rib Mountain Challenge. The team had just 45 minutes to finish a huge plate of ribs, chilli beans and a sea of skinny fries.

Photo credit Adam Pester

Photo credit Adam Pester

Wingman has spent the past few months trying to get fit for his forthcoming wedding in Las Vegas so it probably wasn’t the most ideal time to polish off so much food-especially as he has his final wedding suit fitting today!

The cheeky Manc presenter said:

“I’ve never seen as much food on one plate in my life…it’s ridiculous. I’m a little intimidated by it all if I’m honest.”

Rob Ellis shared a few tactics he had up his sleeve:

“I’ve only had a piece of toast all day and I’ve deliberately worn tracky bottoms and a baggy t-shirt so there’s room to expand.”

He added:

“I’m gonna start off slow and make sure I’m a good boy and chew my food, just like my Mum says.”

Surprisingly neither Wingman or Rob were victorious on the night as James ‘Gorgeous’ Wilson ate them under the table polishing off the whole thing with just 2 seconds to go.

If you fancy your chances then you can take up the Southern Eleven Challenge yourself by ordering their current ‘Man’chester Vs Food dish which consists of a 20oz Monster burger with melted gooey American cheese served on a huge home made brioche bun with fries and 10 super hot ‘suicide’ wings. Clear the plate in less than 45 minutes and the meal is free!