Rosso Cocktails - 5 @Five for £5

Rosso Restaurant & Bar have stepped it up a gear for the after work scene with their new cocktail menu offering.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 13 August 2012

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Rosso Restaurant & Bar have stepped it up a gear for the after work scene with their new cocktail menu offering.

People who are familiar with Rosso Restaurant will already know the quality of the food is a given, what they may not know is just how good the bar is. In my opinion the best ‘Old Fashioned’ in town is available from these guys and I’m told you are hard pushed to find a better French Martini anywhere aswell.

So I guess it’s with that in mind that they’ve decided to play on this some what “under ground” reputation by launching 5 @Five for £5 – the following cocktails now feature in a separate after works cocktail menu and present the perfect opportunity to test the skills of their mixologists.

#1 Strawberry & Basil Daiquiri

Pampero Blanco Rum, Basil, Strawberry & Lime
To make the traditional Strawberry Daiquiri special, they’ve thrown a bit of basil into the age-old mix of light rum, lime, sugar and strawberry to create a good-enough-to-eat new favourite.

#2 Martini D’Oro
Martini Gold, Chambord, Raspberry & Blackberry
Let the bar be your runway… Fashion duo Dolce and Gabbana have teamed up with Martini to create ‘liquid fashion’. They’ve taken the luxurious resulting blend and complimented it with muddled raspberries and blackberries and present it in a super chilled martini glass.

#3 Firenze Sour
Tuaca, Lemon, Green Apple & Elderflower
Florence born Tuaca, a vanilla infused liqueur, is twisted with the principles of a classic sour. The wild tipple is shaken with green apple and elderflower to create a sour unlike any you’ve had before.

#4 Siena
Disaronno Amaretto, Tosolini Limoncello, Raspberry, Apple & Lemon

A beautiful mix of Amaretto, Limoncello and raspberries, apple and lemon shaken together that will have your taste buds racing in circles like a horse round the Piazza del Campo.

#5 Apojito
Aperol, Lime, Mint, Orange & Passion Fruit
Another case of Italian meets classic. From the land of fashion comes perhaps its most in vogue flavour: Aperol. Fresh, light, fruity and ever so slightly bitter-sweet. Muddled with fresh mint, and a slice or two of orange (à la a certain well know Cuban favourite).

My advice to anyone who hasn’t sampled a cocktail at Rosso is to head over there with a couple of people before 7pm, choose 1 of each, and £25 later you’ll all have sampled a fantastic cross section of what’s on offer. After that I dare say you’ll discover the full cocktail menu and it will undoubtedly be a case of rinse and repeat.

You could also mention in conversation that 5 @Five for £5 fits rather nicely, and probably not coincidentally, with Rio Ferdinand’s long standing affiliation with the number 5, #5Mag being another prime example.