Rosso's new A La Carte: review

I headed over to Rosso this week to check out their new additions to the A La Carte menu.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 6 June 2016

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I headed over to Rosso this week to check out their new additions to the A La Carte menu, the staff picked me a selection of their favourites and away I went.

In my mind there’s 3 things you can rely on at Rosso: the cocktails will be first rate, the food will be top notch and there will be atleast one celebrity knocking around at any given time (on this occassion it was someone out of TOWIE apparently.)

Rosso is an interesting venue for me and the type that is one of the many reasons I started Manchester’s Finest. There’s a mind set in people sometimes that a good restaurant is too fancy, or the people too famous or it’s not where i usually go etc but to my mind what they are missing is out on, i.e the food – should be top priority.

And so without further ado, the food. To start we went for the CARNE SALATA: Salt beef served with grana padano (aged for 38 months), rocket, lemon and a mini bottle of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. Interesting point with this dish is that Rosso have had it on the menu for a while now but the original supplier was too niche to survive and unfortunatly went under, subsequently Rosso’s chefs now treate the beef for this dish themselves.

Following that we indulged somewhat trying quite a few dishes – BISTECCA: Prime sirloin steak pan fried with giant scampi tails, king prawns, chilli butter and samphire which was fantastic and Rosso’s take on surf’n’turf. We followed that with a pasta mid-course, as is the norm on tables throughtout Italy. We had the very tasty RISOTTO NERO: Squid ink risotto topped with crispy salt and pepper squid


For our final main we had the IPPOGLOSSO: Pan seared boneless halibut topped with fresh asparagus and a prosecco and lemon jus. A light white fish dish to finish off the mains that was cooked to perfection and tasted great.


For dessert we tried everything they had, I’m not kidding we could not even get close to finishing these there was so much on offer, the Tiramisu was brilliant, Peanut Butter Cheescake is Aldo the waiters favourite but for me it was the Rosso take on “Blackforest Gateau” which is my description not theres, a brilliantly chocalaty sponge with pomegranates for topping and throughout. As if that wasn’t enough they were followed with home made chocolates.

My photos were a bit shoddy so I’ve used the rstaurants here below, they do the food far more justice than mine would have.

Signature dish IPPOGLOSSO



So in conclusion: despite spending most of our time in our favourite parts and places of town (which we all do) you can take your appreciation of good food to different venues and leave the other people in there too it. If they are there to celeb spot that’s their look out, personally I’m there for a good meal and this is part of what I want to say to people, these gems are in our city and anyone can go enjoy them without feeling out of place, Rosso for me is such a place and has such a menu.