Beloved neighbourhood pizza, bagel and sandwich joint specialising in New York-style pies

1116 Chester Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 0HA

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 5-10pm
Wednesday: 5-10pm
Thursday: 5-10pm
Friday: 5-10pm
Saturday: 2-10pm
Sunday: 2-10pm

Slowly but surely, over the last two decades, Stretford has amassed, or at least gathered, a number of impressive yet understated eateries. It tucks them down back streets, sits them in the empty units of a beleaguered shopping centre, or, in the case of Bakehouse32, puts them right on the main road heading up to Old Trafford from the Mall. Hidden in plain sight, this lockdown brainchild of a local Stretfordian living in a fifth generation home has become a choice spot for those in these ends looking for New York-style bagels, sandwiches, and speciality pizzas, offering both eat-in and collection depending on your preference.

One of the best things about Bakehouse32 is the simplicity, whether that’s interior design, a wood-laden casual bar-style space, or the menu itself. “Born in New York, Raised In Manchester” the tagline reads, and for some this establishment ranks among the best pizzas anywhere in the city. The menu speaks for itself, with a host of unique combinations that work exceptionally well. Highlights include Pumpkin & Gorgonzola (mozzarella, pumpkin cream, gorgonzola, ‘nduja, smoked pancetta and parmesan), Rose (black olive, harissa parmesan, tomato) and Aubergine & Olive (mozzarella, tomato, aubergine, olives, capers, oregano, garlic oil, and parmesan, with the option to go vegan). 

If meat is more your thing, Bakehouse32 also has it covered. Pepperoni hot honey (as it sounds, and they do mean hot), spicy Napoli (mozzarella, anchovy, green olive, chilli, oregano) and the charcuterie (with pepperoni, coppa ham, ‘nduja, smoked pancetta and parmesan) are all highly recommended. Elsewhere on the menu you’ll also find something else (garlic breads, olives, dips and more) and the Afters… like burnt Basque cheesecake, affogato, and indulgent chocolate pizza — served with custard, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate sauce. Finally, this spot is licensed and serves great contemporary beers, including Track brewery, wines, and classic cocktails.