Authentic Polish cuisine brought into the 21st Century, with mind-blowing dumplings, goulash and more.

105 Haughton Green Rd, Denton, Manchester M34 7GR
07495 121058

Monday: Closed
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Wednesday: 12–8 pm
Thursday: 12–8 pm
Friday: 12–8 pm
Saturday: 12–8 pm
Sunday: 12–6 pm

Pierogi has been around so long there’s no universal conclusion on the exact date or location of its origin. What we do know is the iconic stuffed dumplings are infinitely moreish. Whether filled with vegetables or meat, the dish’s popularity seems to know no bounds, having spread throughout central and eastern Europe aeons ago. Of course, the word itself is a direct English translation from Polish, and it’s exactly that heritage BeeRogi looks to celebrate. 

An intimate cafe with a focus on authentic, honest food based on old country recipes passed down through generations, it ranks in the elite Greater Manchester restauracje. Situated just outside the M60 ring, once you’ve managed to find the place — which can be easier said than done — the familial charm is the first thing to pick up on. A clean, modern but homely interior complete with framed lace doilies hanging from the walls and cotton table placings, all handmade on-site and available to buy, the restaurant feels genuinely unique, as do the creations coming out of the kitchen. 

The menu switches up daily and is entirely dependent on available produce, with all ingredients sourced from local specialists, meaning you really can’t get much fresher. Examples of regular dishes include the kotlet schabowy (breaded pork chops with mashed potato and sauerkraut salad), cutlet de volaille (think Chicken Kiev, only Polish), and traditional borscht soup — which comprises meat and bone stock and fermented beetroot juice. 

A hearty choice, of course the biggest selling point at BeeRogi is the pierogi, and for good reason. Whether you’re looking for a traditional take on this timeless dish, or something far more contemporary, the owners-chefs-servers have exactly what you need. Options range from black smoked cod and kimchi to potato and cheese, pork and cabbage, millet and dill, and stewed beef. All available with a small but well-chosen wine list, beers from Poland and beyond, and — of course — enough specialist vodkas to keep anyone happy.