Big Licks

A sweet emporium specialising in artisanal ice cream, homemade cookie dough and cakes, alongside succulent burgers and tender chicken

Big Licks
Big Licks 73-83 Liverpool Road, Deansgate, M3 4AQ
0161 819 2223

Monday: 11.45am-11pm
Tuesday: 11.45am-11pm
Wednesday: 11.45am-11pm
Thursday: 11.45am-11pm
Friday: 11.45am-11pm
Saturday: 11.45am-11pm
Sunday: 11.45am-11pm

Sometimes, all you need is a sugar fix. Or a great burger. And fantastic chicken. Founded in 2008, Big Licks has endured some pretty hair-raising (read: catastrophic) periods in hospitality history for the simple reason that people love what they do here. Hence it establishing itself as a household name in Glasgow and our own hometown of Manchester, the team’s first location outside Scotland, where many of the core ingredients that go into the delectable treats being served are still sourced from. First, though, some introductions. 

Big Lick might be best known for the artisanal ice cream that inspired its name, crafted with love and organic milk from Mossgiel Farm in Ayrshire. But the list of reasons to warn your dentist before heading here goes much further. Indulge in Kinder Bueno Cookie Dough, one of seven different varieties, or take a pick from classic, medley, Oreo, peanut butter and other choc fudge brownies. Crepes, waffles and pancakes are all available, including Waffle On A Stick and a Make Your Own options, for those who really know just what they want. 

Homemade cakes span chocolate to Ferrero, red velvet to Milkybar and strawberry cheesecake, and if that’s not hitting the spot punt for a loaded milkshake or one of the mega muffins — sticky toffee is a must. Need something lighter? Slushies are on hand to quench the thirst, as are kulfi and mango faloodas, and fruits with sauces such as Belgian chocolate. Not looking for something sweet? No problems, Big Licks also does a mean line of succulent burgers using only grass-fed beef reared in Bedfordshire, and free range chicken for those that fancy katsu or buffalo flavour between the buns. Fries and sides such as wings, cajun tenders, chilli cheese bites, mac n cheese bites, and nuggets are also on offer.