A renegade Mexican chef, 180 bottles of specialist liquor, and DJs dropping funk, soul and broken beat

12 Tariff Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 2FF
0161 237 1449

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 4pm-12am
Wednesday: 4pm-12am
Thursday: 4pm-1am
Friday: 4pm-2.30am
Saturday: 12pm-2.30am
Sunday: 12pm-12am

“Stocked up for your pleasure, we excel in all areas of liquid refreshment, like signature, in-house aged cocktails. Specialists in Rum and Tequila, you’ll have to come down to see our full selection of over 180 bottles.” Boogalú certainly makes a tempting offer, emphasising just how high standards for bars are in the Northern Quarter. A district with decades of history as the go-to spot for drinking in indy establishments, identity has always been key to longevity and success. Something this particular address has in spades, having taken its name from the Latin R&B style Electric Boogalú, which developed in 1960s New York through street parties and club events run by Puerto Rican, Cuban and African American communities.

Everything here, from the tunes to the food, has taken some inspiration from borrowed memories and recorded histories of that time, movement and legacy. Behind the bar you’ll find all the necessary ingredients for a transportive tonic, exotic liquors and talented hands delivering more than the sum of their parts. Overwhelmed by choice, many look to the Finest cabinet, a specially curated selection that reflects the very best spirits and drinks Boogalú is serving right now. All the better with something to eat, the menu reflects management’s world travels, infused with the flair of a “renegade Mexican executive chef.”

Authentic tacos are a real highlight, and include Green Carnitas (slow confit pork with queso fresco, salsa verde, diced onions and coriander), Campechano (mixed grilled beef with longanza, chicharron and salsa roja), Fish Sambal (cod and shrimp meet fennel and coriander salad), and Nopales (grilled cactus, salsa verde, pico de Gallo). Stacks of Nachos with various toppings are also available, as are sides such as Fresh Melon Salad and Caramones (chilli garlic grilled prawns). The bar’s basement is available for private hire too, which just leaves the music we mentioned, with Manchester selectors spinning funk, soul and broken beats every night from Tuesday to Sunday.