Canteena Bar & Grill

Neighbourhood eatery with a fantastic brunch, lunch and dinner menu, specialising in ex-dairy, wagyu, and Aberdeen Angus steaks

Canteena Bar & Grill
19-20 Stanley Square, Sale M33 7WZ
0161 973 7333

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11.30am-11pm
Wednesday: 11.30am-11pm
Thursday: 11.30am-11pm
Friday: 11.30am-12am
Saturday: 11.30am-12am
Sunday: 11.30am-10pm

There are steaks, and there are steaks. Then you have Canteena Bar + Grill. Located in the heart of thriving Stanley Square, this contemporary temple of fillets and sirloins, among other dishes, looks as fresh inside as the food tastes. Pastel yellows and turquoises, pale woods, clean white tile work and timber dividers all help set the tone for a bustling eatery which is informal yet high quality. The sort of place that doesn’t go out of its way to shout, but instead allows the cuisine to do the boasting. 

Introductions over, let’s cut to the cuts. Canteena is understandably proud of what’s on the menu, using only the finest British beef to fill its plates, sourcing as sustainably as possible with ex-dairy cattle for many of the options on the grill, or iconic Aberdeen Angus for butterfly fillet tail, Chateaubriand and the like. A selection of dry aged steaks are also available, alongside a wagyu burger. Which brings us to the classics section, where you’ll find more patties in buns, alongside fare such as the Philly cheesesteak and Beyond Burger for the vegans and non-meat affiliates. Meanwhile, check the mains for slow braised ribs, chipotle chicken, Lancashire cheese and onion pie, fish & chips, puttanesca pasta, pan fried seabass, classic caesar salad, renewing rainbow kale salad, and more besides. 

From 11.30am – 3pm Tuesday to Saturday, Canteena also offers a brunch menu, where you can pick up chimichurri steak & eggs, smashed avocado on toasted granary, eggs florentine, buttermilk pancakes, and wild mushrooms. As if that wasn’t enough, head down on a Sunday for what must be one of South Manchester’s best roast dinners. The sharer comprises a half roast chicken, beef, pork, roasties, mash, carrot and swede mash, savoy cabbage, petit pods, crackling, apricot stuffing and the Pièce de résistance, bone marrow gravy so good you’ll want to take a vat home. Paired with a great wine list, extensive selection of beers (Cloudwater, Salt, and Tiny Rebel are on-site), spirits and other boozy drinks, not to mention a range of standout desserts, and the hardest part is knowing when to stop.