Independently spirited rock ’n’ roll bar, venue, and eatery, with live music, DJ sets, comedy and quizzes

78-88 High Street, Manchester
0793 115 0837

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12pm-12am
Wednesday: 12pm-12am
Thursday: 12pm-1am
Friday: 12pm-2am
Saturday: 9am-2am
Sunday: 9am-11pm

Established in 2023 by two friends from Stockport, Manchester courses through the veins of Disorder. Situated in the Northern Quarter, this slick, modern venue, bar and eatery is billed as a “love letter” to our hometown, spread over two stunning floors. Decor speaks to this, with plenty of references to the city, its industrial heritage and legendary music scene, murals and all. Furniture is comfortable and stylish, adding to the sense this is a hangout first and foremost. 

An incredibly talented and notably young kitchen team have been drafted to bring a fresh identity to the menu, and they quickly made an impact after opening. In terms of dishes, the menu aims to offer unique takes on familiar street food greats, so that means you can get a Steak Burger, PB&J Sando, and Bacon Jam, among other firm favourites. Informality is the key, along with high quality ingredients which elevate each plate. A breakfast menu is in operation until lunchtime, and this follows a similar direction in terms of classic staples, with added details. Meanwhile, behind the bar you’ll find a huge choice of drinks, spanning beers, wines, spirits, cocktails, non-alcoholic alternatives and soft drinks. 

Disorder really comes into its own as day becomes evening, and a stacked programme of events takes over the space. Fiercely independent and rock & roll in spirit, Disorderly Conduct is among the major highlights — a free, fortnightly music event which has seen DJ sets from some huge names; Fontaines DC, Everything Everything, and the inimitable Bez, to name but three. Live bands also stop by regularly, and entertainment stretches to a weekly quiz — Wednesday’s Never Mind the Gazzcocks — and the Step On Comedy standup night, which has hosted some of the country’s best talent. Suffice to say, then, there’s a strong cast of regular customers who now call this joint home.