Don Tacos

Birria taco and Mexican street food specialist using authentic ingredients straight from Central America

Don Tacos
Unit E3, One Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester M1 1RG
0161 526 1419

Monday: 11am-11pm
Tuesday: 11am-11pm
Wednesday: 11am-11pm
Thursday: 11am-11pm
Friday: 11am-11pm
Saturday: 11am-11pm
Sunday: 11am-11pm

Piccadilly Gardens is the epicentre of our city, but rarely a destination in its own right. Enter Don Tacos, a Mexican spot that spent years feeding people in Bolton, then set up in another busy Manchester location (the Curry Mile), before expanding to town. It’s now drawing in diners from far and wide, brought here largely through the word of mouths talking about how good the tortillas are. A proudly “Mancunian business”, the owners explain, which suits “the hustle and bustle” of its flagship location.

Everything here is made to order, on-site, but designed for convenience and speed. Don’t think that means the Chipotle or Habanero Lamb Chops are anything short of delectable and authentic, though. Or assume the Tinga de Res — three corn tacos with slow-cooked beef, freshly prepared with chipotle and grilled onions — won’t transport you to Central America. Other firm favourites include the Birria Tacos, which come covered in cheese, spring onion and coriander, crisped to perfection and available with beef, lamb or chicken, depending on your preference. 

Alternatively, opt for Birria Quesadillas, served in a large 10” tortilla and dipped in the eponymous sauce — choose medium, hot, or, for the bold, extra hot. Elsewhere, Naked Burritos (as they sound, tortilla-free), and a host of other stone cold classics are on offer, like the Fully Loaded Pollo Asade Burrito, where tender poultry meets rice, beans, salad and soured cream, with added cheese. Plant-based diners are well catered for, and sides are just as much of a selling point as the mains. Elote is the best corn on the cob you’ve ever known, while the heavily loaded Nachos live up to their name, and staples such as Red Rice and Frijoles (beans) are just as good. There’s a strong salsa game here, too, and a number of versions to try. Finally, perhaps a Churro to polish things off? How about a drink — beer or other — imported direct from Mexico itself?