Floriental Studio

Chinese and East Asian culture explored and experienced through dried flower 'buffets', floral art workshops, craft making, and tea ceremonies

Floriental Studio
27 Ardwick Green North, Manchester M12 6DL
07410 584 147

Monday: Booking only
Tuesday: Booking only
Wednesday: 11am-9pm
Thursday: 11am-9pm
Friday: 11am-9pm
Saturday: 11am-9pm
Sunday: 11am-9pm

Flowers and tea make a good combination, which is exactly the idea behind Floriental Studio. A floral art and oriental tea enclave set up by two friends, Kiki and Ruby, their passion for flowers and plants, Chinese and Far Eastern cultures drove them to combine all those influences into one unique offering. A beautiful and serene space to spend time, relax with a pot or two, and escape the pressures of the city outside, their Ardwick studio is used for a number of hands-on workshops and events, essentially making this a community meeting point, helping people connect, learn and experience either by doing or drinking. Or, most likely, a bit of both. 

The public can book in for a number of green-fingered masterclasses at Floriental Studio. Hone your skills at flower wreath-making, or create a beautiful dream catcher. Learn more about flower diffusers, and how to put together the ultimate bouquet for yourself. Crowns, wristbands, Japanese flower arrangement, dried flower gifts, windbells — the full list of workshops is long, and not always tied to flowers. For example Calligraphy, where you’ll be taught the art of writing Chinese script, by hand, using elegant, artistic strokes. Fantastic ideas to help people unleash and realise their creativity, there’s also plenty of innovation in the tea being served, which is often an event in itself. 

Floriental Studio sessions include the stove bake tea BBQ, traditional Chinese Kung Fu Tea ceremony, and authentic tea tasting events. Themed nights are also hosted each month, with a wide variety of social activities, including movie nights, board game nights, music nights, and many more. The overall idea being to break down boundaries and increase our understandings of heritage. “We believe it is unfortunate that much of our oriental culture remains undiscovered due to language barriers.,” we’re told. “This is why we are promoting Asian traditions and aesthetics via the language of plants. We chose Ginkgo Biloba as our logo for Floriental Studio. Originating from China, the enduring presence of the tree signifies rich history and profound essence of our culture. We wish to lead you on an immersive experience of this world.”