Gaijin Dumpling House

Katsu curries, Chinese roasts, a huge Bao and dumpling game mark this out as a worthy South Manchester favourite

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 5-10pm
Wednesday: 12-3pm, 5-10pm
Thursday: 12-3pm, 5-10pm
Friday: 12-3pm, 5-10pm
Saturday: 12-3pm, 5-10pm
Sunday: 12-10pm

It’s a freezing cold night in Levenshulme when a couple opt to escape the midwinter elements and duck into an intimate establishment for some bites, lured by a sign that simply reads ‘dumplings’. Once inside, they find a cute, wood-clad dining area just large enough for a handful of tables, all of which are already occupied with satisfied looking customers. An hour later, they leave Gaijin Dumpling House, bellies full and suitably impressed at what they’ve just been served. 

Welcome to Gaijin Dumpling House, easily one of Levenshulme’s leading eateries, where the flavours of China and South Asia converge in an incredibly hearty culinary experience that places the focus firmly on food. While the name of this place suggests it’s all about dumplings in reality there’s far more to go at. Classic comforters like Chicken Katsu Curry or the Mee Goreng Chicken Katsu are particular highlights. As is the Vegan Katsu. The latter uses Indo noodles, Kecap Manis, oyster sauce, prawn sambal paste, scallions, fried garlic, and lime, among other things, for an inimitably sharp but deep, complex flavour. 

Lamb on Crack is a similarly great shout, comprising Masala Chips, Sirarcha, fried onion, scallion, lime and house salad, while the Sunday Chinese-style roast is also a real winner. Elsewhere, a strong Bao selection includes both traditional (prawn tempura) and non-traditional (Eggs & Hash) fillings, and, of course, there’s a serious dumpling game going on, too. Pan fried chicken, steamed Ha kow shrimp, and sweet fried mantou (condensed milk) are all delectable, and you’re unlikely to find better in close vicinity. Well worth the journey to Manchester’s central southern suburbs, it’s worth noting that Gaijin Dumpling House is not licensed for alcohol, but offers a huge selection of common and uncommon soft drinks to quench your thirst. A real gem you’d be mad not to try.