Greek Gyros & Bar

Street food heaven straight from Greece, grilled “Yeh-ro” as it should be served: in wraps, on open plates and skewered

Greek Gyros & Bar
65 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2bw
0161 258 0156

Monday: 12pm-8pm
Tuesday: 12pm-8pm
Wednesday: 12pm-10pm
Thursday: 12pm-2am
Friday: 12pm-2am
Saturday: 12pm-2am
Sunday: 12pm-8pm

Takeaway only
Thursday-Saturday: 11pm-2am

Trying to trace the history of grilling meats is tough, but the modern Greek Gyro as we now know it first started appearing in the 1920s. By the mid-1960s, it had arrived in the US, initially landing on a menu in Chicago, Illinois, and over the past half century or so it has continued to wrap the world in its loving embrace. As the name suggests, Greek Gyros & Bar is one of Manchester’s leading outposts, and the kind of place which, reassuringly, does away with distractions to focus on doing one thing very well indeed. 

Before we come to the menu, though, let’s talk words. Gyro means “to turn”, and refers to how the various meats are cooked. Anyone saying “gee-ros”, “jee-ros”, or “jai-ros” is getting it wrong, because the correct pronunciation is actually “yeh-ro”. Facts cleared up, Greek Gyros & Bar makes a big statement with its to-the-point selection. Gyros Wraps can be filled with chicken, pork, beef burger, potato, halloumi, chicken souvlaki, or chicken and bacon. And there’s also an option to mix up any two or three of those for a little extra on the bill. 

Meanwhile, those looking for something more substantial should check the Open Plates at Greek Gyros & Bar. These include all the gyros mentioned above, or you can punt for a skewered kebab-style version. Finally, a range of Club Gyros are also available – think chicken, pork beef burger, halloumi and you won’t be disappointed. Alternatively, ask for halloumi as a side, with other options including Feta Fries with Oregano, and straight up fries, no frills. “We’re a modern Greek restaurant and bar serving authentic gyros,” the team proudly tell us. “The bar is full for cocktails, wines, spirits, draught beers… And you can book an experience with us, too. For example, cocktail making, brunches, and the occasional live Greek music night.”