Hustle Burger

Oldham’s original smashed patty emporium, and still its best, is home to the Donner Philly Cheese

Hustle Burger
33 Featherstall Rd N, Oldham OL9 6QA
0161 9648784

Monday: 5-11pm
Tuesday: 5-11pm
Wednesday: 5-11pm
Thursday: 5-11pm
Friday: 5-11pm
Saturday: 5-11pm
Sunday: 5-11pm

They say if you’re not happy with the life you have, build another one. That attitude certainly rings true at Hustle Burger. Launched in 2019, the idea was simple — nobody was doing smashed burger patties in Oldham, so let’s change that. Plenty of hustle and grind later and the business, which owes its name to seminal hip hop icon Rick Ross, has certainly made a huge impact and it’s taken a lot to get here. Even going so far as to invite orders on social media and distribute the food for free in a bid to prove what people were missing out on. If that’s not confidence customers will be back for more, we don’t know what is. 

Previously a dark kitchen for online orders only, Hustle Burger remains the go-to spot in town for mouthwatering patties with incredible toppings in their new dine-in site, although the competition has certainly increased. Using only the finest Irish grass-fed Angus beef, the continued success is all about the care and attention that goes into the finished articles. Menu highlights actually start with the simplest,  the Single and Double Hustle Burger — as they sound, with few superlatives — and Chicken Hustle Burger. Beyond those, we’d also recommend the Hustle Stack, where beef meets poultry, and the spice Naga Chicken Burger. 

Hustle also does a mean job with Donner meat, and the aptly-titled Donner Burger is perennially popular. If you’re struggling to choose between the two, you can opt for one of their munch boxes. Their Big A Box is a 14-inch munch box featuring burgers, tacos, salt n pepper items and Donner meat is a hit on socials. As is the Philly Cheese, a very North West England take on the American fast food icon, with cheese chopped up over minced Angus, grilled peppers, caramelised onions, and nacho cheese sauce, served in an 8inch brioche roll. Oh, and don’t forget the house sauce, crispy onions and parsley to cap it all off. A bonafide institution with a reputation to contend with.