Il Trullo

Modern-yet-authentic Italian restaurant that doesn’t overlook heritage and tradition, led by a celebrated Chef-Patron

Il Trullo
136A Ashley Rd, Hale WA14 2UN
0161 915 3537

Monday: 5-10pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 5-10pm
Thursday: 5-10pm
Friday: 5-10pm
Saturday: 5-10.30pm
Sunday: 12-9pm

Il Trullo might be a contemporary Italian restaurant, but there’s real heritage coursing through the veins of this hidden gem in Hale. Chef Patron Mirco Franco decided to name his eatery after the iconic traditional stone huts of the Apulia region, or Puglia as it’s commonly referred to in Britain. Small structures with charming conical roofs that sit perfectly against landscapes that speak to authenticity and the Beautiful Country. Transported to South Manchester, or south Altrincham more precisely, this means age-old cooking methods used to realise recipes the owner-cook considers himself custodian of. 

A back story like that requires a good setting, and Il Trullo finds itself in one of the city-region’s most picturesque and sought-after villages. Standards are always high in Hale, and nobody is letting the side down here. Once up the stairs and inside, the intimate atmosphere is immediately inviting, while the menu really speaks to everything we’ve just said. Pasta is homemade, and it’s often the simplest dishes that stand out. Tortelloni Carbonara, for example. An homage to timelessness, it’s really just pecorino cheese fondue on the inside, crispy pancetta and black pepper on top, with egg yolk sauce. All this is done to perfection, allowing the quality of ingredients and kitchen talent to really shine. 

More complex flavours abound elsewhere at Il Trullo. Like Black Spaghetti (squid ink) with king prawns, artichokes , garlic, chilli, shallot reduction and bisque sauce. Or Pan Fried Scallops with crispy salami and hazelnut purée. Meanwhile, Mains take the form of tantalising Beef Tagliata — 10oz chargrilled sirloin topped with rocket, parmesan, caramelised red onions and balsamic reduction — Seabass, and Cod. Vegan, Early Bird, Sunday and Party menus are available at various times, but you get the point. Oh, and classic Italian desserts are par for the course, of course, and there’s a wine list worthy of Bacchus.