Maida Grill House

Laidback curry cafe known for Indian and Pakistani grill favourites and standard-setting rice and three

Maida Grill House
38 Liverpool St, Salford M5 4LT
0161 312 9772

Monday: 11am-10pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 11am-10pm
Thursday: 11am-10pm
Friday: 11am-11pm
Saturday: 1-11pm
Sunday: 1-9pm

Where would lunchtime in Manchester be without rice and three? Rising to the top of the daytime food agenda in the 1980s, the city centre, and in particular the Northern Quarter, soon become known for no-nonsense Indian and Pakistan cuisine. And, in particular, a selection of three curries and rice for a fixed (and rather appealing) price. A tradition that’s since spread across Greater Manchester, and beyond. 

As featured in our Suggested By You video series, which spotlights our audience’s favourite eating and drinking spots, one of the best places for this local yet exotic delicacy is Maida Grill House. Here, you’ll find around six or seven different options for the ‘three’ to go with the rice, and as the name suggests the place is also big on grilled dishes. “Our menu is made using authentic Pakistani and Indian spices to achieve traditional flavours,” the team explain, before backing up our claims about this establishment’s most popular type of dish. “Manchester and Salford customers are the best critics of rice and three. It has been popular for decades and everyone is familiar with it, and because they know it well they also know how it should be.” 

But what exactly does this mean you can expect from Maida Grill House? A bonafide hidden gem in Salford, Tender Chicken or Lamb Biryani are just two examples, the latter only available on Fridays. Elsewhere, Lamb Karahi on the Bone and keema are very popular, too, as are sides such as Channa Chat and Stuffed Cheese Naan. Not to mention Juicy Lamb Chops marinated in a secret sauce — another definite highlight. Anyone looking for something a little easier to gorge while on the go might prefer the Chicken Tikka Wrap, mind, and, all that meat aside, there’s also a world of excellent vegetarian and vegan options to go at, too.