Maturo Meathouse

Think A5 wagyu beef served in a charming garden-themed space.

Maturo Meathouse
25-29 Station Rd, Urmston, Manchester M41 9JG
0161 747 1297

Monday: 3–10:30 pm
Tuesday: 3–10:30 pm
Wednesday: 3–10:30 pm
Thursday: 3–10:30 pm
Friday: 12–10:30 pm
Saturday: 12–11 pm
Sunday: 12–10:30 pm

When Maturo Meathouse decided to open in Urmston, it only elevated the south western suburb’s status as a bonafide dining destination, with the team at this restaurant regularly making lists of the world’s best spots for all things steak. And at Maturo Meathouse, there’s a lot of things steak. 

Top of everyone’s list should be showstoppers like the Tomahawk or T-bone, cuts taken straight from the more dramatic end of carnivorous indulgences. And you can also add Ribeye On The Bone to that list, too. Less theatrical, more sophisticated, guests may prefer to choose between the Wagyu or the Gold Wagyu. Essentially like taking the Bentley of beef out for a spin, the quality of those meats is unparalleled, with gold referring to A5 standard, which is up there with the most luxurious foods on the planet. All these are priced as they should be — by the weight. 

Further down the options you’ll also find classics from sirloin to fillet, and a number of less common options. For example the Garlic Leaf Steak (thinly sliced meat accompanied by pesto sauce), the Lokum (taken from the bead of the fillet), and the Cheesy Sirloin (which is as it sounds). Anyone not looking for beef will be more limited, but can punt for the Lamb & Chicken Breast mix or Lamb Cage Steak. Unless they prefer fish, with options including sea bass and salmon. Flat iron fajita sizzlers and a number of more complex dishes, including Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Teriyaki, are also available. As is a selection of burgers and vegetarian plates like Stuffed Aubergine and the Halloumi Tower, various starters and salads.