Moose Coffee

North American-style breakfast institution offering a broad range of comfort dishes and great mugs of Joe

Moose Coffee
8a Gateway House, Piccadilly Station Approach, Manchester M1 2GH
0161 519 0900

Monday: 8am-4pm
Tuesday: 8am-4pm
Wednesday: 8am-4pm
Thursday: 8am-4pm
Friday: 8am-4pm
Saturday: 8am-4pm
Sunday: 8am-4pm

If there’s one country everyone should experience breakfast in, it’s probably the USA. And if there’s one city that beats the rest as the finest breakfast destination in the land of the free, surely it has to be New York. As its nickname suggests, The Big Apple doesn’t really do much on a small scale, and this applies to the most important meal of your day. But while size counts for something when filling stomachs, from Manhattan and Brooklyn, The Bronx to Staten Island, New Yorkers also demand a very high standard for their morning feast. Inspired by this, Moose Coffee is a bonafide Manchester institution that takes a leaf from the book written by our cousins across the pond. And our city has been all the better for it since 2006. 

Using the American and Canadian model, the team behind Moose have a clear goal — offer an eclectic mix of comfort-style dishes to refuel the hungry people of North West England. So that means you’ll find a menu packed full of firm favourites and some more unusual options, each cooked to perfection. Take the New York Moose, for example, known in most places as eggs Benedict. And the Cabouse — AKA homemade cheese pancakes with bacon and free range eggs. Not to mention the Liberty Moose of scrambled eggs with pesto, pine nuts, and cured ham. Sweet treats aren’t far away, either, like the amazing buttermilk pancakes, doorstep -sized French toast, and waffles smothered in maple syrup. 

The US doesn’t stop at breakfast, of course, and neither should you. Moose does a great job at brunch, too with a range of stacked sandwiches accompanied by a homemade specials board — accentuating not just how fresh the food here is, but the kitchen’s passion for coming up with incredible ideas. As you would expect, this is also a prime spot for grabbing an excellent cup of Joe, with a unique Moose blend of espresso coffee being served in a variety of ways, alongside teas for those who want to keep it more UK.