Surrounded by serenity, this all-day hangout offers small plates, large dishes, roasts and live music.

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12pm - 1 1pm
Wednesday: 12pm - 1 1pm
Thursday: 12pm - 1 1pm
Friday: 12pm - 1 2:30am
Saturday: 12pm - 1 2:30am
Sunday: 12pm - 1 2:30am

The residents of Uppermill are blessed by all accounts. Once famous for wool, cotton and — as the name implies — mills, this tiny Lancashire village sits on the edge of Britain’s backbone, the Pennine Hills, home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Britain. A stunning location, surrounded by serene countryside, the area is boasts popular spots such as Dove Stone Reservoir, and Muse Bar & Eatery: a fantastic addition to a notable food scene that has popped up in and around these parts in recent years.

Taking its influence from a bounty of Asian cuisines, this eatery specialises in fusion cooking but also has some more traditional bites to choose from, with small plates the main order of the day. Chilli and Tomato Mussels and Katsu Loaded Skin-On Fries (topped with pulled chicken, mozzarella, and panko breadcrumbs) impressed us on our first visit. Although, some might prefer the Gyoza Platter, Lobster Ravioli, or Bulgogi Beef Tacos. At lunchtimes, a range of meal-sized sandwiches are also available, along with a Lunch Club offering all dishes at a single price, and the full Restaurant Menu still has many of the small plates, but mixes things up a little via larger mains and signature dishes. Meanwhile, a Sunday roast caps off each week. 

Beyond all that, Muse boasts a mouthwatering selection of desserts, too, including a famed Cheesecake of the Day and Nutella-filled Gnocchi, which you won’t see in too many other places. A good section of beers, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks are served behind the bar, and customers are welcome Tuesday through Saturday. Each Thursday from 4PM diners enjoy 50% off food, which is obviously a big bonus, and at weekends DJs regularly take control of the soundtrack. Hence this place becoming a bonafide hangout spot and the ideal setting for a few hours spent grazing on some good stuff.