P1 Fitness

Friendly, family-run state-of-the-art gym without the egos, mirrors, influences and attitude that puts many people off

P1 Fitness
Kennedy Street, Manchester, M2 4BQ
07836 388 467

Monday: 6.30am-8pm
Tuesday: 6am–8 pm
Wednesday: 6.30am-8pm
Thursday: 6am–8 pm
Friday: 6.30am-7.30pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm
Sunday: Closed

“With no judgement and no mirrors, you can just turn up and work out. You never have to do it on your own. Your own gym crew and a dedicated team of coaches are always on hand to motivate you, celebrate your achievements, and stop everyday training from becoming a chore.” Based on all that, it should be clear P1 Fitness does gyms differently, creating a ‘safe space’ away from the “egos, posers or pressure” that can often define the average 50 minutes spent working up a sweat. Located in the heart of the city, near the Town Hall, it’s for anyone who wants to get in shape, but doesn’t need the stereotypical ‘gym experience’.

“P1 is not like other gyms in the city,” the team proudly tell us when we ask for the lowdown. Then the list begins. “We have no tripods, no influencers, no posers, no egos, no shallowness. We do have more substance, more quality, more go and less show. Our members are real, honest, down-to-earth and realistic.” But what exactly does that mean? Well for starters, it’s about professionals spending time with every member to find out what they want, where they would like to be and how they envisage getting there. Understanding diets, overall health, and needs means advice is more targeted and the results more impactful. 

Although open to anyone, P1 specialises in training people in their 30s, 40s and above. It’s a place for those who don’t want their fitness to mean sacrificing a social life, and the type of person who really wants to get in shape for themselves and their family, rather than the impending Ibiza trip or the growing number of online followers they’re amassing. It’s about fostering a community of supportive, like-minded folk who encourage each other to improve and develop. A place where no food is ‘banned’, and there are no expectations to be anything other than yourself. And, considering you can sign up for 30 days and get all money back if not 100% satisfied, there’s really no reason not to try.