Popchop Curry House

Hong Kong-style takeaway with a signature pork dish ranking among the best you’ll find this side of Kowloon Bay.

Popchop Curry House
325 Liverpool Rd, Eccles, Manchester, M30 8GF

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 5-9pm
Thursday: 5-9pm
Friday: 5-9pm
Saturday: 5-9pm
Sunday: 5-9pm

If you’ve ever argued the toss as to whether or not the best places to eat come without frills then Popchop Curry House should be next on your list. An authentic Hong Kong style curry takeout on Liverpool Road in the centre of Eccles, at first glance it appears to be a typical Chinese takeaway, but once inside you quickly realise this place is so much more. Established in 1979, that kind of longevity tells you plenty about how much the team here have been getting right over the last four decades. As do accolades from influential media platforms. 

And by that we’re not just talking about Manchester’s Finest. Popchop’s most iconic dish, the Signature Curry Pork with Rice, uses a recipe that has been passed down through generations, and owner Samuel is proud to tell customers this creation has been ranked in the top 10 Hong Kong chop dishes by Time Out magazine. Now if that’s not a strong recommendation, we’re not sure what is. Meat is marinated in a homemade spice mix for four hours before being battered, then deep fried, and according to those in the know — and the kitchen — the base paste for the curry is what makes all the difference. 

Elsewhere on the Popchop Curry House menu, you’ll find other delectable options like Phad Thai and Singapore Vermicelli, Katsu Curry Pork, Creamy Sweet Corn Pork, and Scallion of Chicken with Rice, served with a fried egg (you can also swap the bird out for pork if preferred). Sides and starters are also more than noteworthy, with classics like Salt & Pepper and Sweet & Spicy wings alongside more unusual choices such as Japanese Pumpkin Croquette and a bowl of Takoyaki pieces. Unassuming, unfussy, but unarguably up there with the best, no self-respecting fan of Hong Kong food should pass this place up.