Inclusive, alternative beauty and tattoo salon in a former swimming pool-turned-speakeasy, with leading freelance artists, refreshments and atmosphere

The Shallows, Whitworth Locke Aparthotel, 74 Princess St, Manchester M1 6JD
0161 710 4170

Booked Appointments

Monday: 8.00am - 11pm
Tuesday: 8.00am - 11pm
Wednesday: 8.00am - 11pm
Thursday: 8.00am - 11pm
Friday: 8.00am - 11pm
Saturday: 8.00am - 11pm
Sunday: 10am-10pm

Walk-in appointments available daily 12 - 8pm

“Build-a-bear for humans” is what the Shallows website proudly proclaims. Putting that another way, this is one of Manchester’s leading tattoo and alternative beauty salons, which takes a creative approach to bodily aesthetics, offering inking, piercing, hair, nails, brows, lashes and more. Services are provided by highly respected freelance artists, and you’ll also find coffee, booze and food being served,  but we’ll come to that later. 

Situated in Whitworth Locke, a heritage building-cum-aparthotel with bar and restaurant on the cusp of the Gay Village, Shallows is a “hell no” response to vanilla salons and that’s clear from the moment you catch a glimpse of the operation. Built into an old swimming pool, which at the time renovation work began hadn’t been touched since the 1990s, the look and feel of the place are more in line with an underground speakeasy than a traditional beauty treatment space. And that’s exactly what the team are going for. A place that inspires free expression and welcomes outsider ideas, boasting a friendly and passionate crew of professionals who are here to listen, advise, and work with customers on their look. 

Inclusive in attitude and with a real focus on personal service, the menu is extensive and everything on offer is tied to a different independent studio which has taken up residency at the address. This only adds to the sense of Shallows being a creative place to spend time, and feel transformed. While you’re being treated, waiting to start, or hanging around soaking up the atmosphere afterwards, enjoy waiter service for coffee, alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, and bites, all of which can be ordered using a handy QR code menu. The definition of unique, you’ll find this stylish den open seven days a week from 8AM to 11PM, which speaks volumes about how committed these guys are.