Side Street Studio

Multi-purpose hangout with a bar serving drinks from independent producers, sublime soundtrack, stand-alone event space and kitchen

Side Street Studio
ABC Buildings, Corner of Quay Street and Lower Byrom St, Manchester M3 4AE

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 12-11pm
Thursday: 12-11pm
Friday: 12pm-Late
Saturday: 12pm-Late
Sunday: Closed

Situated in one of central Manchester’s most elegant refurbished addresses, Side Street Studio is a mixed-use cultural and creative hub with food, drink, and music. Conceived as a space to perform, network, socialise, relax, party and mingle with leading artists from our hometown and beyond, you’ll find a stacked monthly programme showcasing a city in full bloom, hosting events held by some of Manchester’s freshest musical and comedic talent. 

Side Street Studio’s bar is where the action usually starts most evenings, with a drinks menu that perfectly reflects the independent attitude and spirit of the entire operation. That means small batch producers are a staple here, and many of their bottles go into a cocktail menu that draws direct inspiration from locations in the city. This includes plenty of nods to numerous high profile films that have used this neighbourhood as a backdrop for key scenes. Not to mention the many high profile figures who are based in the region. Expertly curated playlists add to the tone, creating an atmosphere that makes it almost impossible to leave. 

Next door, the studio space itself is an incredible blank canvas, and the ideal place for a one-off event or a longer term pop-up offering. Direct access to the street turns this into a stand-alone venue for those that want to use it for ticketed happenings, whether that’s a private supper club, a yoga class, comedy night, market or workshop. Finally, a kitchen concept elevates Side Street Studio to another level, expanding the operation into food. Daina set the standards high on their rotational series, but the kitchen remains the perfect place for a pop-up. A real gem in one of Manchester’s beating hearts of contemporary culture.