Teppanyaki Chinatown

Traditional Japanese teppanyaki restaurant serving iron griddle meats, fish and vegetables since 1989

Teppanyaki Chinatown
50-56 George Street, Manchester M1 4HF
0161 228 2219

Monday: 12-10.30pm
Tuesday: 12-10.30pm
Wednesday: 12-10.30pm
Thursday: 12-10.30pm
Friday: 12-10.30pm
Saturday: 12-10.30pm
Sunday: 12-10.30pm

Is Chinatown central Manchester’s most atmospheric district? We certainly think it’s up there, regardless of whether your watching delivery vans bringing fresh produce in by day or basking in the neon sea of restaurant signage after dark. Britain’s second-biggest concentration of Chinese businesses, food and culture, trumped only by London, roots in the early-20th Century, by 1948 the first Chinese eatery had opened. Almost 40 years on, the iconic archway, or paifang, was completed, a gift to the local community from the council, and shortly after that Teppanyaki Chinatown set up shop as one of the first Japanese spots in this part of town. The fact it’s still a go-to speaks volumes. 

As the name suggests, this place specialises in Teppanyaki-style dishes. For those unfamiliar, that’s an iron griddle-based cooking method, which means you get plenty of drama along with the food itself. Think dishes served to you on hot metal plates by kimono-clad staff and you get the point. The menu is similarly authentic, and for many the best way to dive in will be through one of the set price feasts. In total, there are five to go at, each at a different price point and with a different focus. 

Nigiri, maki and sashimi rolls, and platters, are available for those in need of sushi, and appetisers include vegetable or ebi (king prawn) tempura, various gyozas, tori harunmaki spring rolls, and kushiyaki skewers. All that said, the main event is the really big selling point here, so let’s move on. Teppanyaki-wise, there’s duck, lamb, fillet steak, seabass, monkfish, tofu steak & aubergine on the list, to name but a few, so to say there’s some choice would be an understatement. Alternatively, punt for classic yakisoba or udon noodle dishes, if that’s more your thing. A great choice of Japanese whiskeys, sakes and beers are served, alongside imported wines, with the overall vibe lively, upbeat, and friendly.