The Bakery

Beloved cake maker known for elevating old school desserts, elaborate creations, take-home mixes, baking tools, and wholesale supply

The Bakery
73 Lever Street, Manchester M1 1FL
07555 723 820

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 3-10pm
Wednesday: 2-10pm
Thursday: 3-10pm
Friday: 2-10pm
Saturday: 2-10pm
Sunday: 2-10pm

With its bright pink sign and vivid interior design, The Bakery stands out at its position on Lever Street. Situated in the heart of the Northern Quarter, the decor isn’t the only aspect packing plenty of vibrant personality. A business that was born from passion which turned into a project, and eventually a full-blown career, half a decade after opening its doors this firm favourite not only sells its delectable produce direct to the public, it also supplies other companies that need baked goods. A clear sign of how incredible they are. 

Using only the highest quality ingredients, The Bakery is about taking things back to the way they used to be — a self-taught expert who wants to elevate classic English desserts and develop unique treats. So think dense chocolate cake covered in icing and hundreds and thousands. Not to mention Homer Simpson-inspired doughnuts and Jam Coconut Sponge. Waffles and pancakes with a variety of irresistible toppings, cheesecakes, the wonderful Kinder Happy Hippo cookie pie, Blondie Brownies, and Milkcakes are also regularly available, all of which keep the bar almost-impossibly high. 

The Bakery offers bespoke cakes and whole-of-cake sales, meaning you can buy an entire Unicorn Rainbow Cake, Milkybar Cake, Rose Gold Drop Cake, or Pink Gin Blossom Cake, to name but a few, or develop your own. Visually breathtaking, putting it mildly, these stunning creations make ideal centrepieces for any celebration. Customers can also get their hands on take-home cake mixes, allow them to make their own based on The Bakery’s more straightforward recipes, and there’s a range of tools, utensils, and merchandise for sale, too, encouraging you to explore that inner sweet-toothed artiste. A complete package deserving of its success, the brand has a second outlet in Wythenshawe and is franchising, meaning this is just the beginning.