The Brewery Bar

Award-winning brewery taproom in the heart of Horwich, where modern-industrial vibes meet hop forward brews

The Brewery Bar
Brewery Moreton Mill, Hampson St, Horwich, Blackedge BL6 7JH
01204 692 976

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 4-10.30pm
Wednesday: 3-10.30pm
Thursday: 3-10.30pm
Friday: 3-11pm
Saturday: 1-11pm
Sunday: 1-9pm

“Our dedication to excellence in brewing shines through in the beers we produce. Using only the finest natural ingredients, we use an expert blend of crushed malts, hops and yeasts to suit a variety of beer styles, from light to dark, malty to hoppy, session beer to DIPA. The brewing methods we use are traditional but the beers we produce are hop-forward modern beers in cask, keg and cans. Inspired not only by the history of British beer making, but also our visits to the US Pacific West Coast, where brewing standards are remarkable, we strike a balance between traditional British beer and modern craft. Ultimately, we produce beers at Brewery Bar that we like to drink.”

Telling it like it is, you’d be hard-pushed to find anyone who doesn’t feel passion and enthusiasm emanating from Bolton’s Blackedge Brewery. Located in Horwich, in 2015 the beer business added a taproom to its headquarters and began welcoming the thirsty public to a bar located above the production area. Void of gimmicks — no TVs, pool tables, or games machines — expect a cosily lit drinking emporium that let’s the brews do the talking. Serving seven hand-pulled ales from a multi-award-winning selection, guests will also find no less than nine craft kegs, including one visitor, and a permanent cider tap, with others on rotation, alongside quality wines, spirits, snacks and soft drinks. 

Partnerships with Brindle Distillery in nearby Chorley, and visiting food vendors serving Thai, Indian and Italian cuisine who set up shop here each weekend, keep standards high, and any time you visit the pork pies sold behind the bar, courtesy of local butcher Greeley’s, are another must. As are the crisps from another tasty Lancashire brand, Fiddlers. Add music that contributes to the atmosphere, rather than deafens you, a collection of pub games, heated outdoor seating front and back, and a takeaway service to take bottles, cans and more home, and it’s easy to see why The Brewery Bar is such a huge hit.