Oddest Sunday Lunch

Saying that I recently went for the Oddest Sunday Lunch would ordinarily open up the question "what was so odd about it."

By Lee Isherwood | 9 December 2014

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Saying that I recently went for the Oddest Sunday Lunch would ordinarily open up the question “what was so odd about it.” In this instance I’m referring to the name of the bar, however if I had to I’d say the Cauliflower Goats Cheese, but simply because I’m not a fan of goats cheese.


Sunday lunch is always a difficult thing to review, on the whole they contain the same things done in the same way and it takes something really unique to make it stand out. Despite the name Oddest doesn’t necessarily apply it’s name sake to it’s food, which is not a criticism just an observation.

A crisp and clear Sunday afternoon spent in Chorlton lends itself perfectly to a Sunday Roast and we enjoyed ours last week at Oddest. I’ve always liked the food at Odd in NQ, the Monster breakfast barm stands out in my mind, so I was looking forward to the Roast at it’s sister bar.


There’s a good choice on a Sunday at Oddest: Slow Roast Rolled Pork in Organic Cider, 12hr Ale Braised Beef Brisket, Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder and a Wild Mushroom and Lentil Wellington vegetarian option. On this occasion I went for the beef. Something I’ve been coming across for sometime now is variation in serving technique, lot of bars / restaurants are fighting for individuality be it using things served on slate, things served on wood etc – Oddest opt for a ceramic roast tray which I kinda like.

The food itself was good. I’d actually been a couple of weeks before and they’d done something “odd” with the Yorkshire puddings, kind of crisped them on top somehow, but this week they were spot on. The Beef was tender and fell apart perfectly and the veg was plentiful. Price point is around £10.


We did get dessert, the choice was Eton Mess or Cheesecake, we got 1 of each and they were good. I would have liked a warm option to be honest, Eton Mess in November / December seemed a bit “odd” but was still tasty. Service was on point and to summarise I;d say in all we really enjoyed chilling out in a quieter part of Chorlton eating a good hearty meal.