Crepe City 2018: Europe's biggest trainer festival comes to Manchester

My dad once had a paper shop. Until it blew away. Now though, someone has gone one better and made a Crepe City and it's got nothing at all to do with bad jokes - it's every trainer (or sneaker) lovers paradise.

By Ben Brown | 11 April 2018

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Since their first event in 2009, Crepe City have been Europe’s biggest trainer festival and they are heading to Manchester for the first time ever this Saturday 12th May.

As you’d expect, it’s an absolute sneaker paradise, featuring hundreds of sneaks, thousands of fans and plenty of experts flapping about telling you that their Reebok Classics are worth 6 grand more than yours.

There will be over 200 stalls set up, each selling their own range of gear including some of the most limited of editions and shoes that are rarer than Lord Lucan riding Shergar through a field of 4 leaf clovers. Don’t expect to find any British Knights or LA Gear, this is all top stuff and is sure to appeal to even the most casual sneaker aficionado.

Housed in the Co-op’s New Century House in NoMa, there will also be clothing brands, barbershops, a cinema, street food vendors, as well as loads of competitions and auctions. So, get yourself down there early and get your cash out. The event opens at 11am but if you want to do it proper – get there for about 6am.