10 Exercise Classes to try in Manchester (with a difference)!

Are you still trying to hone that ‘new year, new me’ body or have the January blues kicked in fully and you’ve gone back to your true self?

By Manchester's Finest | 1 February 2018

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For those that are still determined to keep the fresh momentum going, but the gym just isn’t your thing, don’t fret, join a class! Be it a dance class, boxing class or hot yoga, there’s no need to join the gym with all the other idiots that will be giving up in February in a booze and burger fuelled rage!

Adult Gymnastics – Bodybarre
Who knew that you’re never too old to at least try to learn to do a back flip? £35 for a four week course promises that even the most flexibly inept of us will be able to tumble. If that seems too intense, Bodybarre even offer a four week handstand course, if you’ve ever dreamt of having the stamina and stability to hold your full body weight above your head. Or how about Sunday afternoon hula hooping? Seriously, Bodybarre have all the fun classes that go by in a flash and you won’t even be aware you’re exercising.

Bodybarre, 35-37 Thomas St, Manchester, Northern Quarter M4 1NA


Hot Yoga – Forever Hot Yoga
Love Yoga? Want to join a yoga club with the heating turned right up? The clue is in the name with this establishment, but you can choose to do their ‘forever flow’ classes in a normal temperature too…but where’s the fun in that? Forever Hot Yoga offers a mixture of vinyasa, hatha and ashtanga done to music for a bit of a shake-up in comparison to your gym style Yoga classes, where the music is provided by the iron pumping meatheads next door.

Forever Hot Yoga, 38B Bury Old Rd, Whitefield, Manchester M45 6TF


Beginner’s Muay Thai – Fighting Fit Martial Arts
If an early morning get up and go is for you, then a 9am Saturday Muay Thai for the complete beginner could be right up your street. A physical and mental discipline known as ‘the art of eight legs’, this beginner’s class will teach you all the basic kicks, punches and footwork so that you can swiftly progress to join the more advanced kickers in town.

Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre, 2 Millow St, Manchester M4 4DR


Boxing – Elite Boxing
How about getting your juices flowing with a good 7am boxing session Tuesday – Friday? Not to mention a free sparring session every Saturday at 12pm. You’ll practically be Ricky Hatton after a few weeks. Girls too, you can get involved Saturday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday evenings. You can also check out the Mancunian Boxing Club in Ardwick, as well as the Moss Side Boxing Association.

www.eliteboxing.co.uk // http://www.mosssideboxing.co.uk // https://www.mancunianboxingclub.co.uk


Lindy Hop – Manchester Lindy
Not your average dance class and what a fun way to make plenty of new friends as social dance is highly encouraged. Even the absolute beginner can join in and you will be taught the basic 6 count and 8 count footwork as well as the Charleston variant in aid of getting stuck into the social dance that follows classes.



FitSteps – Steppin’ Out Dance Centre
Steppin’ Out is one of the first dance centres in the city to take on this new craze, which takes all the best bits of ballroom and puts it into an intense workout that promises to get you fit in a matter of weeks. Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite of Strictly Come Dancing fame penned the FitStep programme, mixing old styles of ballroom and Latin together with latest trends and making it one hell of a fitness regime.

Steppin Out Dance Centre, Gorse St/Taylors Road, Manchester M32 0HZ
0161 865 1443


Beer Yoga – Church Street, Northern Quarter
A yoga class where you bring you own mat BUT you get a nice cold beer. Adding even more relaxation to an already relaxing Vinyasa class, at the moment this new craze can only be booked online via Funzing, where exact location of the class is revealed after booking.



Flip Fit – Flip Out MCR
Bounce off all those remaining Christmas pounds on a trampoline? Sounds pretty fun to me. You can join Flip Fit for an intense workout on the trampolines, or take part in adult only sessions every weeknight from 7pm. If you’re looking for a little extra motivation, buy the Fitness Multi-Pass for £40 for entrance to 8 Flip Fit classes.



Netball – Various locations – Simple Netball
Most girls I speak to remember how much they absolutely loved netball at school and would love to join a club now. Well it couldn’t be easier to join an indoor league with absolutely tonnes taking place around the city. You can try it out before you join via simple netball, and then take a look at your closest club and join for a fee of £6.50 per match.



CrossFit – CrossFit Central Manchester
The big new thing taking over at the moment that pretty much covers all bases of exercise groups and you can try it at CrossFit Central. Aiming to increase your ability in 10 components of fitness (Cardio, Strength, Stamina, Agility etc) and if you are struggling to maintain a good level in a mundane gym environment, CrossFit central provides free sessions for you to join and become instantly hooked.

Crossfit Central, 9 Back Red Bank, Manchester M4 4HF