Finest Reviews the HARDEST game of Breakout – Forsaken

On a recent trip to Breakout Manchester with the Finest Gang, we pulled some names out of a hat and split in to two teams.

By Manchester's Finest | 9 April 2019

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Flipping a coin, Team A was unlucky enough to win Forsaken out of the two rooms we booked which is widely regarded as the hardest room on offer at Breakout with just a 10% success rate.

With to dyslexics (myself included) a control freak and Jake who we can’t fault at all, I cannot say I was feeling very confident.

We followed our guide down into a dark room where he told us the premise of the room. Some distant relatives had written to me to tell me that some even more distant relatives had died, and they had left me a creepy cabin in the Bayou swamp in the arse end of nowhere.

They invited me and a few friends to stay- all expenses paid (red flag number one) where we arrive only to find them not there (red flag number two.)

We enter the creepy cabin only to be locked in immediately with a cryptic message from our distant cousins and 60 minutes to escape. Oh and there is a pentagram on the floor, a giant mural of the devil and the distant sounds of chanting in the background. Red flags all around.

My team got cracking looking for clues, and we got moving pretty fast. Luckily you have someone watching over you to give you the odd clue, but for the first half we didn’t seem to hear anything – which means we were on the right track.

It wasn’t until about half way through where things started to get difficult and we needed lots of help from the powers that be.

There are lots of locks knocking about so once you have a code it is hard to know what it is supposed to unlock. That and they throw in the odd red herring – but my advice would be do not overlook ANYTHING in this game because even the smallest thing could be there for a reason.

Unfortunately, we did not break out, but with a 10% pass rate I was not surprised. Apparently we got through about 80% off the puzzles which I was pretty chuffed with, and like our game operator said, getting this far on the hardest room on site sets us up to smash the other ones out of the park.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to tackle Forsaken and escape the creepy cabin in the woods, then book with Breakout today and see how you fair compared to team Finest!

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