Use lockdown to train (in more ways than one) with a new Personal Training Diploma

It's the UK's most accessible course and it's available from just £19...

By Manchester's Finest | 16 November 2020

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GSquared CEO Andy McGlynn – one of the most diversely qualified PTs in the world – has created a High-Performance PT Diploma – and it’s available online for those who want to partake in lockdown learning.

Not only is the course the most in-depth PT diploma in the UK, but it is also the most accessible, in terms of affordability, at just £19 per month.

GSquared Academy is leading the way in recommending intelligent approaches to health, fitness, nutrition and exercise with an affordable education offering.

GSquared CEO Andy McGlynn

With the last year bringing uncertain change and a need for protecting our nation’s health, COVID-19 has caused many to pivot in their careers and look to retrain; inspired to be part of the health and fitness industry.

For those looking for a career in Personal Training, GSquared Academy provides industry leading qualifications, and is one of the only education providers that is created and lead by managers, mentors and leaders of successful Personal Trainers.

GSquared Academy’s High-Performance PT Diploma is an intensely amplified version of the awarding body Level 3 qualification – the standard entry level for Personal Training. Taken from Andy’s personal experience in the field, he wanted to ensure his students are not just qualified, but they are successful too.

GSquared’s carefully curated diploma features bolted on elements to ultimately supercharge the course.

In addition to Level 2 and Level 3, as standard, GSquared Academy students also receive a series of success videos from the CEO; a very powerful business knowledge component, plus an introduction to the ‘7 Point Functional Movement Screen’ – an in-depth way of assessing a PT clients’ movement efficiency.

And finally, what really gives the GSquared Academy student the edge is the High Performance bolt on Certificate; Andy’s own creation that he has developed over the years and takes elements of everything from personal development, advanced holistic protocols, programme design, nutrition, business, assessments and much more and wraps it all together for an additional course module.

Andy McGlynn comments: “Britain trails behind many other developed countries both in and out of Europe when it comes to health statistics and health markers of the population. And this last year has really put our nation’s health at the forefront. We have a lot of catching up to do and the only way that is going to gradually evolve is to have more messengers amongst us, encouraging, extolling, praising and recommending intelligent approaches to health, fitness, nutrition, exercise and activity.

This shift will ultimately come from more individuals training to become fitness professionals and raising the number of Personal Trainers who can make exercise affordable, innovative, interesting and engaging as well as developing accountability strategies. And this is what we want to achieve at GSquared Academy, with the 100 students per month going through our advanced level PT Diploma.

So, as a response and by way of leading this change, we have just created the country’s first ever ‘£19 per month PT Diploma’. You’d expect with greater affordability to be a leaser product but the second part to what we have done is to ramp up the information received in our super-charged Level 3 known as The High-Performance PT Diploma.

This means that anybody wishing to become a PT, who has the traits, background and aptitude is no longer held back from a financial restriction.”

This high-level course is fully available online and also comes with an allocated tutor, as well as monthly webinars from Andy McGlynn.

When GSquared Health Clubs launches, in early 2021, in the vaults of Manchester’s stunning Royal Exchange Arcade, GSquared Academy will also deliver a ‘residential’ course.

This 6-week Diploma will require live attendance and will be carried out in the gym’s modern conference room. The High-Performance PT Diploma is priced at £19 per month for 41 months.

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