The one with the SmileStylist

As a fan of all things coffee and red wine related my teeth have some what born the brunt of my endulgance over the years.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 26 September 2014

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As a fan of all things coffee and red wine related my teeth have some what born the brunt of my endulgance over the years and frankly they were starting to show it. I was beginning to feel a little like Dorian Gray, sans portrait.

Teeth whitening has never been something I’d considered, given my Hollywood career isn’t likely to materialise any time soon and my modelling aspirations are strictly limited to looking in a mirror deciding if what I’m wearing works, it never really struck me as something I needed. But SmileStylist got intouch and before you know it there I was genuinley interested to see how my newly refreshed, age cheating, pearly whites would turn out.

Step by step it’s a simple affair: Turn up – Have teeth moulds taken – Pick up kit a week or so later – Apply


Most people will no doubt have seen “The one where Ross gets his teeth whitened” and his overzealous approach to getting them whiter than white results in a very akward black light moment. This outcome playing on repeat in my mind convinced me that sticking to the stylists whitening plan was definitely the way to go, “depending on results you can leave the moulds in longer but we recommend…”

It’s a 2 week process of wearing the moulds for a given time each day, could be an hour, could be 2, could be overnight. I went for an hour or so a day and it was fine. Closest I can describe it to is a gum sheild with some tooth paste in.


The results are great, I’m not going to show you a before and after because those photos are always terrible to look at, you’ll just have to trust me. SmileStylist and I have managed to achieve a very important balance between white and too white. I don’t quite look like I’ve been just eating celery and drinking mineral water my whole life but I’ve definately bought myself a good few years of red wine / coffee induced staining before they’re back to how they were.

With a still ever increasing focus and indeed market for male “grooming” it stands to reason that teeth are a natural part of it. Many moons ago in school a classmate of mine once proclaimed that you need nice teeth for kissing, we felt sorry for his girlfriend but to be fair his point wasn’t far off.

I’m by no means superficial (well maybe a bit, a healthy amount let’s say) but the fact remains, no-one finds bad teeth attractive or an endearing feature. If you have any inclinations toward whitening your teeth just nip in and see these guys.