Innovative Gym launches Manchester's Most Advanced Home Fitness Programme

GSquared Health Clubs have launched a 12-week 'at home' transformation programme...

By Manchester's Finest | 19 January 2021

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Creating a dedicated fitness and wellbeing experience at home, GSquared Health Clubs has taken the standard ‘home workout’ and squared it.

Presenting ‘The GSquared Experience‘, a 12-week programme, that guarantees to get participants into incredible mental and physical shape. Ideal for starting in lockdown, this is complimentary to members that are already signed up to GSquared Health Clubs, and it’s also available for non-members too.

This is the transformation of transformation programmes, delivered to the comfort of your own home and guaranteeing holistic and physical results.

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Whether that be to reduce body fat and improve body composition, enhance immunity, improve muscle and skin tone, or even just to relieve stress. This is the most powerful and comprehensive online programme available, with content that will serve for a lifetime.

The current national lockdown has meant a postponement on the opening of GSquared Manchester, which was planned for launch this month. Not short of innovative solutions, GSquared CEO, Andy McGlynn, created a supercharged, at-home, fitness and wellbeing ‘GSquared Experience’, to get members into incredible mental and physical health, gently and progressively.

Andy McGlynn has created bespoke fitness content that will be released in a series of videos throughout the course, in line with focus subjects, which include Gentle Zone Exercises for Parasympathetic Conditioning, Postural Exercises, Stability Fitness – both dynamically and statically, Movement Pattern Conditioning, Strength Endurance, and Toning, Shape and Cellular Adaptation.

These motivating fitness and strength videos complement the wellbeing side of the programme, where Andy covers everything from gut health protocols, to expanding your nutrition regime and habits, stress management, ways to improve sleeps and how to remove aches and pains from the body. Alongside this there is a personalised health and wellbeing analysis that is referred to throughout.

CEO and Founder of GSquared, Andy McGlynn

Commenting on the creation of The GSquared Experience, CEO and Founder of GSquared, Andy McGlynn said:

“With the announcement of further restrictions in England and now a lockdown, we knew we had to offer our members a true brand experience at home. But I didn’t want this to be just another home workout video, I wanted to create a lasting journey that would really have an impact on those taking part – not just for now, but into the future too.

“As a company we are consistently deriving the latest advances in the fields of health, wellbeing, exercise and fitness to share with our audiences. So, I wanted to package that up to create an in-depth programme – The GSquared Experience offers a complete process of education, information, and instruction; introducing many different elements into daily regimes that will dramatically enhance the way users look, feel, move and think.

“During this lockdown, if you are looking for a home fitness solution, The GSquared Experience has it covered.”

The GSquared Experience is the latest development to come from the brand, which will launch the future of health and fitness in the vaults of the Royal Exchange Arcade very soon. With a multi-faceted approach to fitness and wellbeing, GSquared is a place to restore, re-energise and revive.

A revolution in the gym scene, GSquared focuses on conditioning and balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components of its members – kickstarting this with a world-leading induction for members; ‘You Squared’, a 7-step journey using the gold standard in body composition with COSMED’s BodPod – also a UK first for any gym.


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