Does where you live make you any healthier?

We went and spoke to Moda Living who agree that you can be happier and much healthier when you live somewhere good.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 10 March 2020

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Moda Angel Gardens aims to be the epitome of next generation living in the city centre, combining smart technology, awesome travel schemes and the ultimate fitness package, all without the stress of deposits, fees and with totally flexible contracts.

So, what do they think makes for a happy, healthy living situation? Well, they’ve come up with a few key points…

Working in partnership with their recently announced partner HERO, Moda is providing the ultimate health and wellbeing package for all its residents. Health is a key focus from the state-of-the-art fitness facilities in the building, on site physio and PTs to ongoing health checks, an app to track sleep and fitness progress and realistic goals to work towards, everything is incorporated to get you feeling like the best version of you.


The Moda team is also working with Hero to offer a holistic approach to wellness giving residents to boost their happiness and mental wellbeing. Events will tackle major talking points, as well as provide a platform to develop a strong and supportive community, including mindfulness, sleep, positive psychology and mental health workshops; yoga, voga, ballet barre and cross fit classes; cooking and nutrition demos; large scale events including music, food, drink and fashion; and running, cycling, book and film clubs.


Alongside the year round curriculum of activity, adapted to align with residents’ health check results to ensure relevant events that will genuinely benefit residents are permanently on the roster, the Moda app means you can organise your own little meet and greets on the BBQ terrace, a dinner in the private dining space or just a general residents meet up.


Flexibility isn’t just about no fees and no deposits, flexible contracts and being able to order what you want, whenever you want and know the 24-hour concierge will sign for it and safely store it for you, it’s about feeling flexibility in your own home. So, at Moda you can change the layout of your apartment, making it family friendly with kid’s rooms or perhaps a neat office space. Fancy a feature wall? No problem, and yes of course you can hang your own pictures and mirrors. You’re in control and that’s what flexibility is about.


Furniture & Heights
Certain colours and materials elicit different feelings from us, so all the furniture and even the artwork on the walls throughout the building have been carefully selected and designed with mental wellbeing in mind. Higher ceilings have also been linked to a greater sense of psychological freedom and improving happiness, so prepare to feel super happy at Angel Gardens with apartments ceilings at 2.5m, against the average of 2m, and the lobby area at 3.5m.


Moda Angel Gardens

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