Is the lockdown making you have terrible skin?

Well we've put together some top picks for glowing skin care from Harvey Nichols.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 17 May 2024

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Summertime hits, you’re on your, sea, sun, sand, saltwater – the perfect ingredient list for a month of beautifully glowing skin.

PSYCH. It’s a lockdown. Your skin is a mess.

But don’t worry, everyone is in the same boat right now. Things have changed like crazy in your life so you can’t expect your skin to remain the same. Your skin will react to the changes in your life. And that’s ok.

What we do have, which more often than not we don’t, is an abundance of time. You actually can sit there doing your Monday morning emails with a face mask on without getting any weird looks.

I’ve managed to collate a few handy tips on how to keep your skins absolutely POPPIN (the good kind – not the spot kind).

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What does your skin need?

Before you start doing any changes to your skincare regime, you need to figure out exactly what your skin needs. A lot of us are drinking more booze than usual so your skin might be dehydrated. The lack of fresh air and usual wind corridors of Manchester might mean your skin needs a good exfoliation. Have a proper think and a google of your symptoms. If it’s dehydrated consider using a hyaluronic acid which is like a huge gulp of water for your skin.


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Wash your damn face!!

As we’re barely wearing any makeup or going outside it’s tempting to slip into the fact that your face is clean because how could it get dirty if you’ve not been anywhere?! Well, it is dirty and you need to wash your face. It’s all about the double cleanse too, one oil-based one and one foaming cleanser works a treat. The best thing to do is maintain your usual regime you do to wash off make-up even if you’ve not got it on.


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Consider your diet

By no means am I saying stop eating crisps, I am literally eating pringles as I write this BUT it is likely that you’re snacking more. They’re probably unhealthy snacks too as we’ve all avoided buying fresh and perishable items in our weekly stock-ups and instead opting for cupboard items. So forgive yourself the pimples, it’s a pretty weird time we’re in right now. Eat the biscuits.

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Wash your bedding

We’re all spending more time in bed (having bloody weird dreams) so your pillows need washing!! You can also opt for silk pillowcases which apparently work wonders for your hair and skin but it’s a little too Joe Exotic for me.

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With a million and two live workouts to be getting involved in, it is tempting and pretty easy to get distracted once you’re done. Whether that’s going back to your desk, playing with your kids – whatever – but you still need to shower asap after working out, get all that sweat off and don’t let it clog your pores!


Still wear sun cream

If you don’t already wear sun cream every day – you need to start. And it doesn’t stop just because you’re inside. You see how it’s light and you can see that’s this thing called the sun. And just because you’re not on a beach basking in it doesn’t mean its harmful little rays aren’t causing wrinkles. Slap it on kiddos. Get a moisturiser with SPF in it, or layer over the top of a luxuriously hydrating moisturiser such as Youthquake by Marc Jacobs.


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It’s so likely that right now you’re really stressed. And that’s fine. We’re in a bloody pandemic. But do what you can to relieve it, there are energising candles you can burn in the evenings. Positivity Pulse Point Oils you can press throughout the day for an uplift in energy. If you want to go all out get eye patches for the ultimate glow up.

Harvey Nichols is still delivering however services may be reduced due to the current climate. See how they are ensuring deliveries are safe here.