Manchester's Plans for the BIGGEST Indoor Arena in the UK

The mammoth 23,500 capacity venue is predicted to cost £350 million!

By Daisy Miles | Last updated 17 August 2022

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Blowing London’s O2 Arena out the water, this proposed arena will not only be the UK’s biggest, but Europe’s most expensive. It’s standing floor alone will hold 10,000 people.

Located next to the Etihad Stadium, the arena would occupy current wasteland by the Ashton Canal. The guys behind it all are the Oak View Group: a Los Angeles development company for sports and live entertainment industries.

They have said that they’ll produce about 120 events a year, from sports like boxing and ice hockey, to world-tours, and even award shows. The developers have even hinted at their hopes that the Brit awards could be held in this new, state-of-the-art arena, outside London for the first time ever.

The development group have also expressed their hopes in their venue being one of the most sustainable in the UK, taking extra measures for better waste reduction and low carbon technology. Design-wise, the company have said they’re going for ‘telescopic’ seating – meaning the multi-tiering can be moved, which will increase and decrease the size and space to perfectly suit the event.

The massive project would take 3 years to build, so presuming that all applications get the all-clear this year, we could be meeting our biggest venue in town, in 2023.