Antique Homeware Store Specialising in Sustainable, One-Off Pieces launches in Manchester Today

The studio, based in Manchester, will specialise in sourcing and re-selling one-of-a-kind homeware décor to give meaning to our homes while championing sustainability.

By Emma Davidson | 19 July 2022

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Today sees the official launch of Studio Zagara, a bespoke vintage homeware store presenting unique and interesting interior décor.

Studio Zagara specialises in handpicking one-of-a-kind, quality and vintage decorative objects from a network of mills, antique shops and fairs across England. Each season, a limited collection of handcrafted pre-loved British treasures will be available to purchase, as well as special collections which will drop throughout the year. 


Sustainability is at the heart of Studio Zagara. The store represents a desire for furnishings to enjoy a circular life cycle by rehoming and repurposing existing pieces that reside in the UK but have been sourced from across the globe, and distancing from the linear economy which encourages excess production and over-consumption.  

The studio stands for appreciating the wealth of well-crafted objects that stand the test of time in their promising quality, each with a story to tell that will transform your home in a purposeful way. 

When scouting for each collection, founder and director, Giorgia Iazeolla focuses on locality, provenance, and community, then seeks venues within the UK that may hold pieces that spark her interest. Inspecting the object’s material, period, or provenance is all part of the process before purchase.

Compelling objects that present themselves as conversation starters are part and parcel of Studio Zagara’s collections. Types of items to expect from the debut release include antique Indian wooden vessels, which were once used to measure grain, and antique apothecary jars from Burnley with crazing features – a phenomenon that occurs in some ceramics where an intricate spider web-like pattern appears overtime in the glaze of a piece of pottery – dating them back to pre 1905 due to the phone listing on the pharmacy labels. 

The formation of Studio Zagara stemmed from Iazeolla wanting to make improvements to her living space when she started working from home, but struggled to find ethically made, quality pieces that matched her aesthetic.


On the launch, Giorgia Iazeolla said: 

“The pandemic led many of us to re-examine our lifestyles. Naturally, spending more time at home has made us want to personalise them and do so with more consideration towards how we want to be made to feel in, as well as how to best utilise that space. For me, that was to feel more relaxed and more comfortable in my environment. It was through this experience that Studio Zagara came to fruition. 

“When looking for options that aren’t normally sold on the high street, it can be hard to know just where to look for credible venues as they tend to be located far from city centres and aren’t made popular via word of mouth. Even once those have been found, it can be even more difficult to carve the time to visit them — that’s where we come in. 

“Part of our ethos is to provide an alternative purchasing experience for those who seek ways to better the state of our planet through a sustainably focused practice and want to confidently make a difference in the way we navigate through our consumerist led society and mentality. 

“We champion that, as individuals, we still retain the power to make a difference, even in the smallest of actionable steps – in the same way that the ripple effect is caused by the humble pebble’s disruption of the idle water.” 

Studio Zagara operates between Manchester and London and offers bespoke sourcing and hiring in addition to its regularly occurring collections and drops. Get in touch with Giorgia via Studio Zagara’s Instagram below


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