From WA to LA: Altrincham’s Family-Run Jewellery Store that Supplies the Stars with Handmade Accessories

Muse in Altrincham is offering 15% off their silver and mixed gold pieces for Manchester’s Finest readers when you use the code ‘MCRFINEST’ online and instore.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 24 May 2022

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It’s not uncommon for our grandparents to gift us some of life’s most precious skills, although many seem to soon be forgotten amid the modern age of TikTok trends.

From knitting to baking, crocheting and upholstery – the older generation was built upon creativity and productivity, without the desire to bury their head in social media every evening.

The launch of Muse

Altrincham’s Muse jewellery was set up by Lynne, a woman that enjoyed a lifelong career in nursing before she turned her hobby into a fully fledged profession, alongside her granddaughter, Georgia.

Lynne began creating jewellery for family and friends first, but soon grew the business as she passed on her intricate skill set. “I learnt everything from my Grandma,” said Georgia.

“We’re very close and it was special being able to start the business with her. I’ve always been creative and, when I dropped out of college, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in jewellery design, growing the business and creating collections I was proud of.”

Minimalistic jewellery for every occasion

Muse’s minimalistic approach to design means that each piece can be combined with any outfit or style, adding texture and elevation, especially when merged with other statement accessories.

They stock everything from rings to bracelets, bangles and earrings in solid silver, rose and white and yellow gold. The jewellery is made to be stacked and mixed and matched, and Georgia also offers consultations to find the perfect statement piece for you.

With the business now solely in Georgia’s hands, as Lynne retired from jewellery making in 2019, she has since opened a shop on Altrincham’s high street. Muse is an eye-catching, open space that has a workshop at the back where customers can watch her create each unique piece from scratch.

“I think what draws people to the store is that they can actually watch me create each piece live. It’s definitely a more intimate and personal experience, especially when I’m giving a consultation or talking someone through a collection.”

Sported by the stars

Since its inception, Muse’s jewellery has graced the bodies of many stars, most notably pop icon herself, Lady Gaga.

She was spotted in a pair of the brand’s square earrings during her last outing in the UK. A huge moment for Georgia, Lynne and their independent business, built solely on family values and the connection between Grandmother and Granddaughter.

Georgia has released a number of collections since the store opened its doors last year, with the majority of her inspiration coming from her love of travel and desire to build a formidable collection of treasures, as well as taking influence from trending fashion styles and social media celebrities.

“Due to each piece being handmade from start to finish with such attentive craftsmanship, I consider every piece to be a work of art in its own right,” she said.

“Taking inspiration from this process, I wanted to create an environment that encapsulates the idea of an art gallery to uplift this idea of craftsmanship, attention to detail and many years of expertise.

“My vision was to create more than just a shop, I wanted it to be an experience for the client. I have curated the shop with the approach of a gallery-like feel so that whether you’re just browsing or having a 1-2-1 consultation, you feel immersed in art.”

Speaking of the future of the business, Georgia said: “I’d really love to branch out to places like London, Monaco and Paris – that’s my dream. I’m so passionate about what we do here and I only want to share this further with even more people around the world!”

Exclusive reader offer

Georgia is offering Manchester’s Finest readers 15% off her silver and mixed gold pieces for one whole month! The code ‘MCRFINEST’ can be used instore and online, and automatically gets you a discount on rings, necklaces, bracelets and everything else from her stunning collections.

Muse is open Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm and can be found at 22 George St, Altrincham WA14 1SF.


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