We've found the city's best place for Korean, Chinese & Japanese foods (and you just have to go!)

Bringing the best in K-food & K-Culture, alongside a huge range from Japan and China, Oseyo have finally arrived in Manchester.

By Ben Brown | 15 February 2019

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I was walking up Oxford Road the other day, looking like a cross between The Fonz and that camcorder footage of Bigfoot and I noticed a brand-spanking new shop in what used to be Maplins.

Intrigued, I naturally walked right into the brightly-lit interior and started having a snoop around and my word, it’s impressive.

Oseyo have been around down in London for a fair few years now, and they’ve finally made the trip up North to provide the city with a huge range of Korean, Chinese and Japanese food products, alongside some nifty little bits of Korean culture too (yes that includes a bit of K-pop!)

They seem to sell everything you could ever imagine, from soy sauce, miso pastes, ramen, sweets, crisps, weird drinks, kimchi, sake and a whole host of things that I neither understood or had ever seen before.

Sure, we’ve got plenty of Chinese supermarkets dotted about the city but I must say that this small supermarket seemed to have it all – and a much more impressive selection than I’ve seen elsewhere.

Some of my favourite finds include them brilliant Hello Panda biscuits, some Kewpie Mayonnaise (which is amazing on burgers) and the legendary Japanese drink – Pocari Sweat (which is great with vodka).

On top of the supermarket stuff they also serve up a selection of teas, bubble teas, buns, pancakes and more on the counter at the front. I’d just eaten and was stuffed so I didn’t partake, but next time I’m in the area – I’ll get my grubby mitts on something.

Oseyo Manchester, 8 Oxford Road, M1 5QA
Open 9am – 9pm every day