Step On (Step Off): Bez is starting his own Lockdown Fitness Channel!

The Happy Mondays legend is set to start his own YouTube fitness channel...

By Ben Brown | 12 January 2021

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Like many of us, I spent the first lockdown back in March sitting around, eating too much, drinking too much and quietly cultivating mass ready for what I could envision being a cold winter. Unfortunately, I’m not a small, hibernating mammal so now I’m just fat.

Someone who has seemingly felt the same is Happy Mondays and Manchester legend Bez – who has decided that he’s like to “get fir and mentally happier” and so will be launching his own YouTube fitness channel, Get Buzzin’ With Bez, on Sunday 17th January.

Describing himself as a cross “between Joe Wicks and Mr Motivator”, this sounds like a great idea, and personally I’d much rather see Bez bouncing around on my screen while I do the same at home than I would some super-fit young lad who’s just going to make me look and feel like the lazy fat sod that I truly am.

Get Buzzin’ With Bez will be available on YouTube from Sunday 17th January 2021.

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