Tee off at the exotic wonderland that is Treetop Golf

Located next door to the Printworks, Treetop Adventure Golf is the latest attraction added to an ever-growing list of golf-based activities in the city centre.

By Manchester's Finest | 27 February 2019

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Scrambling into the doorway to escape the weather, I was surprised and impressed to be transported into an Amazonian rainforest, here in the heart of Manchester. Made up of plants, trees, animals, waterfalls and Mayan-style statues it’s like stepping into an exotic wonderland, minus the torrential rain and deadly insects (thank God).

At first, we made our way to the fully-stocked bar and struggled to decide from the vast selection of drinks created by the Manchester Brewery and Ancoats Coffee Company.

The waiter suggested I try the house favourite – The Tropical Smash (£7.95)– a delicious blend of Portabello Road Gin, coriander, fresh lime and pineapple juice which turned out to be sweet, refreshing and more-ish.

My friends opted for the Modelo Especial (£4.25) and Pacifico Clara (£4.25) beers which were, by all accounts, equally as nice, but we finished our drinks and headed on in to take the course for a spin.

We opted for the harder of the two courses, The Tropical Trail, an adventure through a mysterious rainforest canopy with cascading rivers and talking animals. My favourite thing about this trail was how long it took. The three of us managed to make our way through the course in around 45 minutes (and that was quick) which is the best value for money mini-golf experience I’m yet to find in Manchester.

Unlike many other mini-golf courses I’ve done in the past, Treetop has a staggering 36-holes on offer spread over two 18-hole courses, all of which are fun, creative and challenging. There are loads of features such as talking Toucans and singing Frogs that have clearly been added with children in mind but it didn’t annoy or take away from the fun whatsoever.

It was a tricky course but we didn’t have to be expert golfers to complete it- it was perfect for some light-hearted competitiveness with friends, family or a special someone.

The second course, Ancient Explorer, is a mystical and magical adventure through the mysterious Cloud Village and crumbling temple. Although we didn’t get a chance to test it, I have heard that this course is slightly easier and catered more for children, but I’d love to go back and see what interesting features this trail has to offer.

Both courses ended with a shot at the 19th bonus hole, giving players a chance to win another round of free golf for you and your pals. Naturally, it was the toughest hole in the game and we didn’t manage to complete it but I think it’s a really generous feature added by the creators- and certainly doable if you’re better with a gold club then me (not hard).

I’ve visited nearly every mini-golf course in Manchester but I’d confidently say that Treetop Adventure Golf is up there with one of my favourites. At only £ 9.50 a course or £15 for both, it’s brilliant value for money and is probably the best golf-experience yet for children and families too.

I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail in terms of props and design that even extended into the restrooms which were just as colourful and exotic. But I was also pleasantly surprised to find a street food pizza restaurant selling freshly baked pizzas and desserts that even catered for vegans and vegetarians– always an important element if you ask me.

To summarise, I loved it, and I’ll most definitely be heading back for an impromptu game of Treetop Adventure Golf with friends in the near future. If you don’t want the game to be over in 15 minutes, don’t want to queue for each hole and don’t have loads of cash, Treetop is undoubtedly the best option for you.  

There is no need to book at Treetop Golf- just turn up and tee off!

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Treetop Adventure Golf, The Printworks, Dantzic St, Manchester M4 2BS
0161 832 9805