The Companies Choosing Manchester to Go Back to Work Post-Pandemic

Are you back at work already?

By Manchester's Finest | 15 October 2021

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Finished with all of this ‘WFH’ malarkey?

Considering just how busy the trams are in the mornings, I’m guessing that there are plenty of you out there who are returning to work post-pandemic, and you’re not the only ones.

Recent weeks have seen a marked increase in the number of workplaces heading into the office after the pandemic, roads are getting busier in the mornings, buses and trams are packed and the city has a lot more life in it at lunch time that it has over the last year or so.

Is this evidence that the world of work is set to return back to pre-pandemic ways? Will everything just go on as normal?

It’s hard to say, but with the vast majority of workforces confined to their own homes for months, plus all of the benefits and luxuries that that afforded, it’s clear that companies and employees are beginning to want more from their office spaces.

And as a result, the offices and workspaces that offer improved amenities and services  are the ones that have survived and indeed are now thriving post-pandemic.

As these success stories continue, one such workplace, Spring Gardens’ own Northspring, have been rolling out the red carpet for two huge international companies – MiQ and Geosyntec.

A programmatic media partner working with agencies and marketers internationally, MiQ has grown significantly in the past 12 months, almost doubling in size, thus presenting the need for another office outside of London.

Speaking about Northspring, Managing Director Tom Hatton says; “Northspring is a perfect hybrid between a completely closed-off, private office and fully serviced co-working models. With its great location, amenities and quality fit-out, the office is a perfect fit for us and our people.”

MiQ were quickly followed by Geosyntec, a consulting and engineering firm working with private and public sector clients to deliver exceptional solutions for their ventures involving the environment, natural resources, and infrastructure.

With a combined staff of over 1,500 engineers, scientists and project support personnel from more than 80 offices worldwide, Geosyntec are internationally known for their broad experience and exceptional service.

So is the traditional workplace set to return post-COVID and will working from home become a thing of the past?

Well, Matt Pickersgill, Associate Director at Avison Young attributes a range of factors that are helping with the return to work, and the success of workspaces like Northspring:

“The pandemic has affected companies in many different ways: some looking for more agile working environments and others growing out of flexi space into their own larger design led office space.”

“One of the key trends we’ve seen is businesses wanting a higher quality of space with additional amenities on offer throughout the building. It’s therefore no surprise we continue to see strong levels of interest from a variety of businesses who see Northspring as the obvious next step for their workplace needs given the exceptional amenities within the building and the additional fitted solutions we can offer.”

Offices like Northspring have led the way with these extra amenities, such as their spacious roof terrace, gym and fitness suite, and a ground floor business lounge, which occupiers can use for hot-desking and informal or formal meetings.

In addition to this, occupiers at Northspring have the option to work out of Northspring offices in other cities including Leeds and Birmingham, giving even more flexibility for businesses.


With the arrival of MiQ and Geosyntec, there’s only ONE office space left at Northspring, and if you’re interested in a viewing – get in touch below…