Denier to Suspender

"...and yet now they are considered the hottest fashion accessory!"

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 27 April 2017

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I have been reading on the Telegraph site an article by Hilary Alexander, talking about the new range of Burlesque style tights from Jonathan Ashton; giving a nod to the new film which stars fashionistas such as Cher & Christina. I already have my own favourite and shall be immediately purchasing the “Ringers over the knee” pair.

Which got me to thinking about 2010’s tight hysteria. Not so long ago the general black opaque 40 denier tights had only been associated with cold winters days, unshaved legs and grannies! God forbid the tights crinkle at the bottom too should they be too big! And yet now they are considered the hottest fashion accessory!

I cast my mind back to last year when on a night out with fellow princesses myself and my bezling spotted gorgeous suspender style tights on one of the girls. O EM G! I think was the sentence that came first. After being told they were by the designer Henry Holland and you could pick them up for a mere £12-15, as you can imagine we were immediately tottering into the nearest House of Frasers, scouring sites online, adding names to lists in Selfridges and before you know it, were engrossed in the tight hysteria that had just started. With celeb’s such as The Saturdays and Cheryl Cole hotting up the fashionista tights; they soon became the must have item in any girls wardrobe. So much so one of my Princesses paid £125 for a pair!

And so the tight hysteria began.

Pretty Polly have brought out a similar suspender style range and following Cheryl Cole debuting her song “Promise This” in a pair of Wolford “Hero” tights, they are the new Henry Holland Suspender!

I seriously have my eye on the Artiste tights but at £115 and a girl who is prone to laddering I think I may wait!

So in my opinion (and many of my princesses) tights are hot! The more unique and sexier the better.

I’ve added some links below if you want to have a look at some of the ranges named above;

Visit Princess Retail to read more.