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By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 12 September 2011

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As an obsessive Social Media Guru and “girl about town” I spend alot of my time scanning event sites etc for networking events and opportunities to meet new contacts for business or pleasure; as do many of my friends.

We are a group of friends whose age ranges from 18 up to 45; some career minded individuals, some home makers and some pure wagabees. We have created our “circle” from random dinner dates, business meetings, networking events and the inevitable “can I lend your hairbrush” in the toilet of a bar episode. My friends and I have the ethos of anyone is welcome in our “group” and not wanting to go all sex in the city on you but nothing makes you happier than when you realise you’ve found your soul mates in a group of woman, whilst moaning about men, work, homelife; and you instantly feel better.

As a newbie within Manchester as many of my ladies have been at some point, the only ways to broaden your social circle has been to join gyms, attend ridiculous events and classes, and even chance a night out with ladies you are sure aren’t your cup of tea in the hope you may click with someone! (Good lord my first night out in Manchester with a group of girls ended up with myself in Satan’s Hollow!?!- As a regular in Panacea, Rosso, Browns & Living Room you can imagine my face when asked to “down a pint of snake bite!”) However this was all in the hope of gaining new friends and acquaintances in the city for work or play!

For 2011 though, all the above will change for most women in Manchester. There has now been an event launched for all the sassy ladies of Manchester called More to Life than Shoes. Now whilst being the Princess Retail I do find it hard to agree with this sentence J however I have been pleasantly surprised with what is on offer and the objective of this event. I will definitely be circling info on this event to all my Princesses.

This is the sassiest event in town for Women Only! Allowing face to face networking about whatever you like! Motivation, Inspiration, A shoulder to cry on, Advice, Encouragement, Support.

This group makes the Spice Girls- Girl Power look a drop in the ocean compared to the ripples this event will make for Manchesters Finest Women. The event has attracted support and acknowledgement from some fantastic women including the CEO of Ann Summers; Jacqueline Gold. Aswell as already having some brilliant reviews from local press and women, who have already had success from attending the event.

The event has recently been held within the Malmasion Hotel in Manchester, and will continue to be held once a month! The annual membership is £32 a year (an amount I would rather of spent here than on that snake bite!) So at just over £2.60 a month it is definitely worth taking a look ladies. Even more so the first time you attend will be free to offer you a taster.

So Ladies take a look at the website and try something new and different with like minded women- I’ll see you there x


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