Would you say yes to Bro'tox?

The amount of women I’ve spoken to who like the idea of their male partner having an anti-ageing treatment to enhance his youthful looks is staggering, and yet when they ask their partner to have it, he’s quick to react with a massive macho NO.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 24 November 2017

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Why is the masculine man still standing strong when there are more metrosexual males than ever before? Why are anti-ageing treatments seen as a feminine thing to do within society? If nobody found out, would they say YES to Bro’tox?

With the pressure to look good through social media as well as real life consistently on the rise, anti-ageing treatments are definitely the way forward. When used correctly, Botox and filler practitioners claim to make you look visibily younger with a non-surgical process and very little evidence of the treatment.

Aesthetic Practitioner Leigh Crawford from Sisu Aesthetics on Lloyd Street in Manchester emphasised the steady increase of male treatments within the industry, in comparison to previous years. “The rise in male treatments isn’t surprising as health and fitness is becoming so much more popular. Anti-ageing treatments such as Botox and fillers can give great results after just a single treatment and can last for months. Men and Women can visit our practice and be totally assured of a friendly and welcoming service”.

It’s also important to mention here that Botox is a prescribed treatment and you should always have a consultation first.

We live in a visual world where everybody is striving towards perfection. Why shouldn’t men seek out beauty treatments too? Yes, hypermasculinity won’t budge for some, but times are fast changing and gender roles are long gone, so a little Botox shouldn’t hurt… metaphorically of course!