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With over 35 fixed perks that you can use at anytime, subscribing to Manchester’s Finest means you can step out of bakeries like Pollen and Gooey with a free coffee, enjoy complimentary cocktails on arrival at restaurants like Fenix, Firehouse and Climat plus get starters and desserts at the likes of Tattu, Elnecot and Sam’s Chop House.

You’ll also get exclusives like access to special preview events and soft launches, as well as discounts at our own curated events and activations.

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Our subscription service runs through our Instagram and Facebook platforms, where for just 99p each month, you get perks from the city’s best restaurants, bars, cafes and bakeries, (listed below) – and you can use as many times as you like!

New perks will be added all the time, most will be available all year round, and they’ll always be the very best in town… Just hit subscribe, and then show your Manchester’s Finest subscriber badge in Instagram or Facebook to redeem when you visit a venue. That’s it. Dead easy.

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You can become a Manchester’s Finest Subscriber on Instagram or Facebook.

We do recommend that you subscribe on Instagram as it is a lot more user friendly, however we have had some feedback that on occasion some people get an ‘added to waiting list’ message when attempting to join. This is a glitch that happens on only a very small number of Instagram accounts – If you get this message then you can choose to subscriber on Facebook. You get the same benefits as a subscriber from both platforms.

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Eddie Shepherd’s Walled Gardens: £10 OFF bookings

Available anytime to Manchester’s Finest Subscribers. A new code will be generated for subscribers every time dates are released.

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You can become a Manchester’s Finest Subscriber on Facebook or Instagram – it’s 99p a month and you can cancel at any time.