Christmas Windows

Turkey-tastic, traditional and on trend. Santa would be proud.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 29 March 2012

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Top 3 Christmas Window Displays

Let’s get it out of the way. Harvey Nichols doesn’t make this list for two reasons. One, most people know they do a pretty good show anyway. And two, it’s actually not all it’s cracked up to be this year. Dare I say it… the Christmas display looks a bit like the good folk at Harvey Nicks opted for the packaging their window display items arrived in instead. But hey, still a lot better than, say, Greggs (who would have made the list had they embraced my suggestion of a reindeer comprised of Steak Bakes).

Ted Baker, New Cathedral Street
One word: turkey. And if I was to use two words, you could add ‘quivering’ to that.

Jack Wills, King Street
Assuming you’ve a classic Christmas tune going endlessly round your head (if this isn’t the case, simply visit ANY shop from September), this display is halfway towards a wintery wonderland. It is however, worth noting that in the midst of so much glittering frost, icicle-laden window ledges and general coldness, there’s a mannequin in most unsuitable attire for such conditions. Her parents obviously didn’t see her sneak out of the house in that short skirt. The blokes look cosy though – probably trying to ward off man flu. Good mannequins are hard to find over the busy festive season.

French Connection, Exchange Street  
Just to clarify, this list is for the Top 3 ‘Worth A Gander At’. Not necessarily ‘Most Worthy of Featuring in the Background of a Christmas Movie Probably Written by Richard Curtis’. However, whilst the concept will split the jury, it’s worth seeing, just to see if your take on it is more ‘pretentious’ than ‘pre-festive awesomeness’.