What in your opinion is the one thing everybody should Watch? Read? Hear? Experience?

By Lee Isherwood | 9 March 2011

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A simple concept that’s hit the ground running, these 4 little question serve to stir the mind, encourage you to visit your very best memories, and implore you to share all.

Awesome4Some is a project grown from a simple idea a little over 6 months ago, into a fully operational social networking experience. Whilst working as a freelance designer Christopher Roberts would ponder the same questions in every new studio he visited “what books I should be reading, what websites I should be looking at, which museums I should be visiting”.

From this the foundation for Awesome4Some was set, with the idea in mind to record his answers Chris set about creating a simple book keeping system. A little later, after realising it’s potential as not only a useful tool, but an interesting social platform, he asked developed the questions to suit not only designers, but everyone.

“The four questions I settled on were both direct but ambiguous at the same time. The idea is to make people stop and think and also give some inspiration and interesting reading. Awesome foursome focusses on the individual – what is important to you, what makes you tick – but more importantly what would you recommend to others.”

If you have 5 minutes spare then get on the site and be a part of it, with over 300 hits a day and rising the idea is now a reality, and as with all good ideas the proof of concept stage has thrown up some very interesting results.

You can see all the suggestions so far and add your own on the Awesome4Some website.