The Best Places for German Bier in Manchester

They've got a law in Germany called the Reinheitsgebot that states that you can only have hops, barley, water and yeast in the beer that comes out of the country.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 17 March 2018

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So even if you’re in a manky Aldi in the rough end of Berlin, you can buy a 50-cent bottle of German beer and be completely blown away by how good it is. There’s loads of places in the city flogging the stuff, and here’s my favourites. I’m sure I’ve miss your favourite place off – but that’s what Facebook comments are for…

I was sat in Common a few weeks back waiting for my mate William Mclean to arrive and I spied a rather attractive looking specimen behind the bar. It was the trademark orange-yellow pump of wunder-drink Schofferhofer Grapefruit and I just had to have some. Okay so it’s not that strong, but this liquid is truly a masterpiece of German engineering. It’s a sort of grapefruit/beer/sour/fizzy pop concoction which is perfect for a hot sunny day (or a cold Tuesday night). Common’s selection of other German beers is usually excellent too, with Berliner Pisner, Flensburger and Schneider Weisse regularly making a welcome appearance.

Common, 39-41 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HW
0161 832 9245


Albert’s Schloss
I would be an even worse writer than I am already if I didn’t include Albert’s Schloss on this list. The best representation of a German Beer Haus in the city, it’s always packed and there’s always something mental going on. It’s great fun and the food is amazing but they also excel when it comes to their German beers – as you would expect. It would be ridiculous to list everything they have but rest assured, there’s plenty to choose from. My favourite would be the refreshing Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier, a wheat beer that just doesn’t know when to quit.

Albert’s Schloss, 27 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR
0161 833 4040


A last minute addition this one because I ended up in here last night after a visit to Hatch and realised that not only do their pizzas look fucking amazing, but they also have an outstanding selection of German bottles and draught. I was personally down delicious bottles of Paulaner Weissbier but there’s always plenty more to choose from. In an unrelated note, they were also flogging a Tzatziki Sour Beer which was absolutely mental. I suggest you pop in soon to check it out!

Sandbar, 120 Grosvenor St, Manchester M1 7HL
0161 273 1552


Café Beermoth
Beermoth pretty much specialise in all forms of boozy beverage, with a beer menu that rivals the Bible in terms of sheer size. It’s a much more interesting read than the King James, and there’s a lot more of it that is actually true as well. There is only a tiny part of their menu dedicated to Germanic beers but they do sell the rather excellent Augustiner Lagerbier Hell which was first brewed in Munich about 130 years ago and is still a perfect example of the mastery of our German brothers.

Café Beermoth, Brown Street, Manchester M2 1DA
0161 835 2049


Of course Indian street food legends Bundobust is on the list of places to go for some good German ales. To avoid any further confusion, it should be noted that Bundobust don’t just offer fit Indian food, they also always have a cracking range of ales, lagers and ciders in which to gulp while chomping down on a Vada Pav. Beer and spice go together better than Vic & Bob and if you want a truly excellent beer go for the Schneider Weisse Tap 1 – it’s the hundehoden. They also bang out a pretty sexy Veltins Pilsener too.

Bundobust, 61 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AG
0161 359 6757


Okay so you probably wouldn’t want to find yourself heading into The Printworks on a Friday night for fear of getting a stiletto rammed into your eye, but if we are looking at German beers, I can’t really ignore Bierkeller now can I? This place is cavernous, with around 4 different bars, but once you find yourself in the German bit with a massive stein and a few attempts at dancing on the tables under your belt – you’ll be well on your way to actually enjoying yourself. Their selection of German beauties is extensive but get one of their members of staff to pour you a stein of Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel and you’ll be laughing.

Bierkeller, The Printworks, Withy Grove, Manchester M4 2BS
0845 533 3000


Port Street Beer House
With a huge beer menu and Germany producing some of the world’s best tipples, it will come as no surprise to anyone that Port Street Beer House have plenty of lovely ales available for your drinking pleasure. I would personally recommend a nice cold bottle of Schneider Hopfen Weisse (Tap 5) because it is like rocket fuel and that’s what I’m into. Alternatively, if you just want something a bit more traditional, they offer the excellent Augustiner Edelstoff Pilsner.

Port Street Beer House, 39-41 Port St, Manchester M1 2EQ
0161 237 9949


The Patron
New kid on the block The Patron offer a decent selection of beers including the formidable Kona Big Wave on draft and the frankly orgasmic Delirium Tremens in the bottle fridge. They also offer a couple of German numbers which are big hitters and perfect for those after work drinks or alongside some small plates. The Paulaner salesman paid them a visit and managed to get a sale – with both Helles and Weissebier being on tap. Go for the Weissebier I say – unless you’ve got coeliac disease, it should be wheat all the way.

The Patron, 42-44 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LE
0161 241 7079


The Unabomber lads must really love Germany, because not only do they serve up gorgeous kebabs in Electrik, but there is always a banging selection of German beers to wash it all down with. I know what you’re thinking – kebabs aren’t from Germany – but as anyone who has ever been on a hipster holiday to Berlin will tell you, the kebabs there are some of the best in the world. Beer wise you’re looking at Warsteiner, Kaltenberg and the tasty Jever Pils. They also stock the odd random bottle here too so get your head in their bottle fridge and give it the once over.

Electrik, 559 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M21 0AE
0161 881 3315


Whilst tucking into a big bit of Greek Mezze from Zorbas or ramming a huge spicy burrito from Pancho’s into your gob, you can also stop off at MicroBar in the Arndale Food Market and bag yourself some Germanic treats. There’s always a changing selection of bottles and draught so it’s worth the effort having a proper look and a chat with the extremely helpful people who work there. They’ve recently been banging out pints of Pilsener Flensburger – which goes down a treat any time of the day.

MicroBar, Unit FC16, Arndale Food Market, Manchester, Manchester M4 3AH