The Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 9th-16th November

We've been spoilt for choice this week with delicious food from some of Manchester's finest establishments.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 25 January 2019

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Yorkshire Pudding Wrap
Picadilly Food Market
I’ve heard about them, I’ve seen the queues but I never really thought it would be worth the wait. I spotted a stall at the Piccadilly Markets on my lunch and there was no queue so I thought why not, let’s see what it’s all about. I went for chicken, classic, and it came with stuffing, potatoes, veg and then soaked in meaty gravy all dolloped in a giant Yorkshire pudding and then rolled over and put into a heater. Everything was cooked to perfection, the chicken was super tender, and the potatoes were all fluffy inside. With each bite I took gravy just poured out, honestly it was so good!  It’s totally worth the wait, get in that queue and go get yourself a Yorkshire pudding wrap, oh and you can thank me later! – Ellie Edginton


Gin + Juice
Twenty Twenty Two
As a man who could count his number of friends on one hand if he was a lobster, this humongous cocktail from 2022 is certainly a treat, and something that would take around 4 days to successfully demolish. With a full bottle of gin in there, LOADS of ‘juice’ and even some toffees thrown on top it’s perfect for you and your mates to get stuck into between rounds of ping pong. It was proper nice. – Ben Brown


Pollo ‘Los Asadores’
La Bandera
Since I had this dish, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Inspired by a little chicken shop in Tenerife which a favourite of La Bandera’s owner Yashin, this dish is a take on a traditional Canarian dish which consists of roasted chicken marinated in Mojo Rojo (red sauce) sauce and served with potatoes and a dash of Mojo Verde (green sauce). Honestly, it has so much flavour- full of garlic, pepper and cumin and the slow sous vide cooking technique ensured a delicious texture and that mojo flavour all the way down to the bone. You can try it for yourselves at the La Bandera 10-course tasting evening on 29th November. – Kate Tighe


Schoffenhoffer + Tequila
The Botanist
Now, this isn’t only restricted to outlets of The Botanist – you can try it anywhere really, but it just so happens that I was smashing these while at The Botanist last week and so here we are. Basically Schoffenhoffer is a grapefruit lager, or a ‘Radler’ – a half beer, half fruit juice combo that’s not very strong but is actually proper tasty. Pair it with a shot or two of tequila and you’ve got yourself a winner. – Ben Brown


Miso Caramel Tart
Pier Eight
I don’t have much of a sweet tooth at the best of times, so when I’m on a review I often don’t look forward to dessert. Pier Eight at The Lowry blew me away though this week with their miso caramel tart. It was so perfectly balanced- sweet with a strong umami taste from the miso which made the overall flavour savoury. Added sweet and sour elements came from ruby chocolate and blood orange on top of the tart which was the perfect garnish to round off this fantastic dessert. –Kate Tighe


Monkfish Scampi
The Bay Horse Tavern
I always get quite excited when The Bay Horse Tavern updates their menu with some more gastro-pub classics. This week, we went to give them a go and the winner for me was the monkfish scampi which was just as good as it looked. It was colossal for a starter, and something I would consider getting as a main with a side of their fantastic thrice-cooked chips. – Kate Tighe


Wipe Your Face Jesus Is Coming
Almost Famous
We went down to an event at Almost Famous this week as they launched their Christmas Menu and as you’d expect, they’ve gone and done a Christmas Dinner burger. So I ordered it. And ate it. It was pretty substantial to say the least, with a massive handful of buttered turkey breast on there, some pigs in blankets, tater tots, crispy onions and a load of gravy. Get it. Get it now. – Ben Brown